Research in Auxilium College

 The Research Cell of Auxilium College aims at developing technology dealing with the current challenges in various fields through research, acknowledging the societal needs. It also promotes research activities in all the prescribed programmes of the college, encouraging the teaching fraternity to forward proposals to various funding agencies and publishing the research outcomes in reputed journals. The Research Cell of Auxilium College has established linkages with other institutions through MoUs to mutually share the available resources and facilities to promote collaborative research and publication. The committee has included in its agenda, the involvement of eminent scientists’ contribution from within India and abroad, as visiting experts.

 Auxilium Research Cell instituted in the year 2008 seeks to instill, sustain and enhance research skills and aptitude among the Undergraduate, Postgraduate students and Research Scholars. It organizes the Mother Cesira Gallina Memorial Lecture, Video Conferences, Workshops, Input Sessions, Seminars, Paper Presentation and Poster Presentations. The Cell has collaborated with Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST) Chennai, National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM), New Delhi and has conducted Workshops and Awareness Programmes on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Young Innovators’ Day is organized to encourage innovation and creative multidisciplinary thinking of the individual and at team levels, enhancing the true potential of the students which will become the wealth of the nation. It celebrates the achievements of scientific community and opens the doors to new technologies, invention, and career for the younger generation.

Research supervisors

S.No. Name of the Guide Department
1 Dr. (Sr.) Ugini Fathima Mary L. English
2 Dr. (Mrs.) Vernum Cecilia P.A.A. English
3 Dr. Amutha Arockia Mary P.R. English
4 Dr. Kalaiselvi R.H. English
5 Dr. Latha E. English
6 Dr. (Sr.) Elizabeth S. Mathematics
7 Dr. Sabarmathi A. Mathematics
8 Dr. Sujatha L. Mathematics
9 Dr. Jesintha Rosline J. Mathematics
10 Dr. (Sr.) Jaya Santhi R. Chemistry
11 Dr. Jhancy Mary S. Chemistry
12 Dr. Sugantha Kumari V. Chemistry
13 Dr. (Mrs.) Scholastica Mary Vithiya B. Chemistry
14 Dr.Rosaline Ezhilarasi J. Chemistry
15 Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R. Zoology
16 Dr. (Sr.) Mary Josephine Rani A. Zoology
17 Dr. (Ms.) Mary Agnes A. Zoology
18 Dr. (Mrs.) Uma Chandra Meera Lakshmi N. Zoology
19 Dr. (Mrs.) Beulah Suresh Management Studies
20 Dr. (Mrs.) Renugadevi S. Management Studies
21 Dr. Uma Mageswari S. Management Studies
22 Dr. (Sr.) Arockia Jayaceli A. Tamil
23 Dr. Kumari N. Tamil
24 Dr. Papeetha J. Tamil
25 Dr. Preetha R. Tamil
26 Dr. Kanimozhi K.B. Tamil
27 Dr. Auxilia Antony S. Commerce
28 Dr. Anitha Alice E. Commerce
29 Dr. (Sr.) Sagaya Mary T. Management
30 Dr. Senthil Selvi G. Tamil


S.No. Name & Designation of the Faculty Invention Title Status Patent Number Year of Award Type International/Indian
1 Dr. Devi N.R. Assistant Professor of Physics Intelligence superconductor to Minimize the Energy Band gap Published 202141035314 20.08.2021 INA Indian
2 Dr. Kavitha S Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Applications
Dr. Shobana R Assistant Professor of Communication Media
Dr. Bindu B Directress of Physical Education
IOT Based Smart Irrigation System Design accepted & Published 379499-001 05.05.2023 Design Indian
3 Dr. Deepapriya S Assistant Professor of Physics Metal Chalcogenide based Nanoalloy Compositions for Sea Water Splitting Filed 202341041828 (C.001159) Applied New Material Development Indian

Funded Project

Instrumentation Facility

Awards and Achievements

Seed Money

YEAR 2020-2022

S.No. Name of the Faculty Title of the Research Proposal Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Number of Papers Published Status
1. Dr (Sr.) R. Jaya Santhi
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Anticorrosion studies on mild steel and dye stain removal synthesized dihydroxy benzene grafted to polymetha acrylic acid. Rs. 1,00,000 3 Completed
2. Dr. P.A.A. Vernum Cecilia
Associate Professor
Department of English
A Foucauldian Power – Study through Feminist Phenomenology & Intersectionality in the select novels of Elif Shafak. Rs. 50,000 2 Completed
3. Dr. V. Sugantha Kumari
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Design of functionalized bio nanocomposite polymer scaffolds to assist in bone tissue engineering. Rs. 1,00,000 3 Completed
4. Dr. B. Scholastica Mary Vithiya
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Biosynthesis of metal oxide nano particles and its chemical and biological applications. Rs. 1,00,000 2 Completed
5. Dr. N. Uma Chandra Meera Lakshmi
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology
Biodiversity and seasonal variation of Zooplankton in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India. Rs. 1,00,000 2 Completed
6. Dr. Beulah Suresh
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
Challenges and Opportunities in continuing in professional development of experienced teaching professionals in higher educational institutions in Bengaluru City. Rs. 50,000 2 Completed
7. Dr. A. Sabarmathi
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Mathematical Analysis on infectious disease Modelling. Rs. 50,000 4 Completed

YEAR 2021-2022

S. No. Name of the Faculty Title of the Research Proposal Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Number of Papers Published Status
1. Dr. A. Mary Agnes
Associate Professor
Department of Zoology
Anti-Diabetic Activity of selected medicinal plants in In -Vitro Models. Rs. 1,00,000 3 Completed
2. Dr. K. Anu
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology
Biological Synthesis of selenium nanoparticles using bioactive molecule of Allium cepa and its anti-cancer activity. Rs. 1,00,000 1 Ongoing
3. Ms. Rebecca Vinolia
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology
Study on diversity and characterization of microbiome of some spider species. Rs. 1,00,000 2 Ongoing
4. Dr. G. Abi Beaulah
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Screening for Antioxidant and Antitumor Activities from the plant extracts of Hibiscus Sp. in treating PCOS/PCOD. Rs. 1,00,000 1 Ongoing
5. Dr. Preethi Prabhakaran
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration (B.H.A.)
Single Parenting and the Academic performance of their children. Rs. 25,000 2 Completed

YEAR 2022-2024

S. No. Name of the Faculty Title of the Research Proposal Sanctioned Amount (Rs.) Number of Papers Published Status
1. Dr.Rosaline Ezhilarasi
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Synthesis and characterization of iron based bimetallic Nanocomposites with natural Clay available at Vellore district and assessing their performance in Cr (VI) removal. Rs. 1,00,000 - Ongoing
2. Dr. Jesintha Roseline
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Alternative Quadra-Submerging Polar (AGSP) Fuzzy graphs and its applications. Rs. 50,000 - Ongoing