In 2004, Auxilium College launched a novel Postgraduate Degree called the Electronic Media, affiliated with Thiruvalluvar University, under the Semester Pattern. The Department of Electronic Media building was erected as the Golden Jubilee Memorial of the College. The course commenced with just 10 students and two staff members. In 2007, the College obtained its Autonomy and a new syllabus was framed for this Course, (CBCS) under the choice-based credit system. In 2008, the Department of Electronic Media started a feeder course, the Undergraduate Degree Course – B.Sc. Visual Communication, with 24 students, thus the Department gradually took its root. Today, the Department is known as the Department of Communication Media, and it is headed by Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor along with the staff members.

The department continues to offer the Post-graduate course, and Fifteen batches have passed out till date since 2007, with most of the students working in various capacities in the media field. The Department celebrated its decennial year in 2014 along with the Diamond Jubilee of the College. To mark this special event, we had various Department activities. A premier event of the Department is the ‘Auxilium Cinema Fete’ and ‘Visual Felicity,’ which is organized every year with the aim to promote and encourage State-level filmmakers, especially the budding ones, and offer them an opportunity to showcase their talents. Various Cine personalities are invited as guests for this mega event. The Department also takes photographs and videos of all the celebrations and programs in the College.

Objective of the Department:
To become effective Communicators and Responsible media users and consumers, through media awareness, Education, and Development of communication Skills.
Vision of the Department:
To produce creative media Personnel in Order to transform society.


Academic Courses

Programme Year of Establishment
M.Sc., Electronic Media 2004
B.Sc., Visual Communication 2008


Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor is currently an Assistant Professor and Head in charge of the Department of Communication Media. She is the Vice Principal of Shift II. She has 16 years of teaching experience in Auxilium College. She has completed her M.A. English, M.Sc. Electronic Media from Madras University and acquired her M.Phil. Mass Communication and Journalism from Mother Teresa’s University, Kodaikannal. She has a good communication Skills with effective and constructive teaching methods. She helps to nurture students from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Her experience in Research is guiding post-graduate students for their Research projects.


Ms. Radhika .M currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Media, Auxilium College , Vellore. She has 13 years of teaching experience. She has completed her M.Sc. Electronic Media at Thiruvalluvar University and Completed UGC NET in Mass Communication and Journalism. She has a rich experience in the field of Television Production, Media Laws and Ethics, Media Research and Videography. Organized many webinars and Intercollegiate activities. Published Papers in journals and Books.


Ms.Saranya P. currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Media. She has 12 years of teaching experience. She completed her bachelor’s degree in physics at Bishop Heber College affiliated with Bharathidhasan University. She obtained her master’s degree in the Electronic Media stream at Auxilium College affiliated with Tiruvallur University. In addition, she completed a diploma course in 3dx max Animation. She qualified for the State-level eligibility test for the Lectures in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2017 from Mother Teresa University and the national-level eligibility test for Assistant Professor in 2019 under UGC. Her research interests include Film Studies, ICT and Technology, Journalism, and Women\'s Studies. She has published papers in National journals and conferences.







Division Endowment fund for the deserving M.Sc. Electronic Media Student

S. No. Name Year
1. Uma Mageshwari T. 2016 - 2017
2. Nancy Ralphina A. 2017 – 2018
3. Ms. Radhika B. 2018 – 2019
4. Ms. Radhika B. 2019 – 2020
5. Divya G. 2021 – 2022
6. Ms. Meera Jasmine C. 2022 - 2023

Sharon Endowment fund for deserving students of B.Sc. Visual Communication

S. No. Name Year
1. Pavithra M. 2016 – 2017
2. Sujatha K. 2016 – 2017
3. Sivaranjani 2017 – 2018
4. Sathiyapriya 2017 – 2018
5. Harisudha R. 2018 – 2019
6. Aayisha Sidiqua 2018 – 2019
7. Divya 2019 – 2020
8. Angel 2019 – 2020
9. Dhivya R. 2021 – 2022
10. Pavithra E. 2021 - 2022
11. Vincy M. 2022 – 2023
12. Pavithra E. 2022 - 2023

Mrs. Indira Gandhi Merit Scholarship for a deserving student of I B.Sc. Visual Communication

S. No. Name Year
1. Vishali R. 2016 – 2017
2. Dharani M. 2017 - 2018
3. Sneha R. 2018 – 2019
4. Vishali R. 2019 – 2020
5. Vincy M. 2021 – 2022
6. Divya Sri S. 2022 - 2023

Scholarship from past Pupils Contributions

S. No. Name Year
1. Sariga S. 2019 - 2020







Name Batch Current Portfolio
Ms. Anusiya 2006 – 2008 Head Department of Visual Communication, Quaide Milleth College for Men, Vellachery, Chennai.
Ms. Selvamary 2008 – 2010 Teaching, Naranyana E-Techno Institution.
Dr. S. SriDevi 2009 – 2012 Assistant Professor, Vales Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced studies, Chennai.
Ms. Dhanalakshmi P. 2010 – 2015 (UG & PG) Graphic Designer, Tekraa Digital Solution, Chennai.
Ms. Sarvanapriya L. 2012 – 2017 (UG & PG) Video Editor, Sri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shashun Jain College for Women, T. Nagar, Chennai.
Ms. Uma Maghewsari 2013 – 2018 (UG & PG) Videographer, Sri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shashun Jain College for Women, T. Nagar, Chennai.
Annie Catherena Simon Anandaraj 2013 - 2016 ND TV, Delhi
Ashwini 2013 – 2016 SEO analyst at Thilash, Chennai.
Ms. Pavithra Manikandan 2014 – 2017 HR and operations in Brand moustache and the Madras branding company, Chennai.
Ms. Kiruthika 2017 – 2020 Web Department, content creator, Thanthi Television News Channel.


  • Vanovia Television Network, Vellore.
  • SaiRam Video Groups (TamilNadu Video and Photographers)
  • Focuz Photography, Vellore - 6
  • Dot Imagine Institute of Art, Vellore.


S. No. Title Author You Tube URL Link
1 Macros & Micros, Big Element, Little Element Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor Click here
2 Rembrandt Lighting Techniques Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor Click here
3 Main Alternate Cinema Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor Click here
4 Outer Orientation Sr. Juliana Agnes Victor Click here
5 Basic Parts and Function of a DSLR Camera Ms. Radhika M. Click here
6 Microphones and its Types Ms. Radhika M. Click here
7 Online Journalism Ms. Saranya P. Click here
8 Visual Cues Ms. Saranya P. Click here
9 Communication Ms. Priyanka G. Click here
10 Digital Marketing Ms. Priyanka G. Click here


  • Auxilium Audio Video Centre, Preview theatre, Multimedia Lab, Seminar Hall, Outdoor and Indoor Shooting Space, Equipment for Photography and Videography.
  • The Program is designed in such a way as to excel the students in creative aspects like thinking, Content Writing, designing, Cinematography, Skills over Multimedia tools, Research areas, and molding the students with the necessary skills to meet the media Industry needs.
  • Group Discussions
  • Screening of Movies/short film/ documentary
  • Movie reviews
  • Internship training
  • Industrial visits.



The Audio Suite has a professional and well-defined acoustic set up as a part of Post – Production process like dubbing and recording. The Suite also has the original software of the latest version of Nuendo with one console. Talkback mic and high-defined Microphone in the audio suite.


The Videography lab has the facility of green matt for indoor shooting. We have the latest video cameras for both indoor and outdoor shoots. The Videography lab has a separate lighting facility with a full-fledged professional setup.


The lab has latest DSLR cameras for indoor and outdoor shooting. The lab also has a Professional lighting set up in the lab for the shooting purpose. We give camera for the students to shoot and experience the photography techniques.


The Multimedia lab has 28 advanced systems with integrated graphic cards which offer 28 Headphones and a centralized server for the betterment of students for their studies. The lab has a full setup for computer graphics and animation modeling. The students have the facility to work in the system individually. We teach the latest Adobe creative cloud package and 3ds max Software’s for the students. LAB IS Equipped with an air conditioner.


Well-equipped Preview Theater with Dolby 5.1 surround sound system along with 72 inches’ screen, 50 seats and centralized air conditioner are also provided.

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”