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The Department of Commerce was introduced in Auxilium College in the year 1980 with an initial sanctioned strength of 50 in the UG Course. During the first few years of establishment, the Department was under the care of Mrs. P.M. Vijayalakshmi, Head of the Department of Economics. There was only one Assistant Professor of Commerce to handle Commerce classes and the Law related subjects was being handled by Ms. Suseela, an advocate from Vellore.

After a few years, when the Department obtained sanction from the Government as well as the University of Madras, to which the College was affiliated then, the number of staff members in the Department increased to three who started handling all the subjects including Law related subjects.

Since the year 1985, the class strength was raised to 70 and the number of staff members was four. In the following years, due to the excessive demand for seats in B.Com., the strength was further increased to 76 and the number of sanctioned posts for teaching staff increased to five.

Due to the heavy demand for the course, in the year 2002, the UG Course was also introduced in the unaided stream with about 30 students with the aim of preparing Women Entrepreneurs. Owing to the demand for commerce students, the P.G Programme commenced in the year 2003. The department has a full time research centre for M. Phil. from the year 2008.

Objective of the Course

To impart sound knowledge and skills, related to Business and Accounting, through a well designed, balanced and comprehensive syllabus structure, to make the students acquire better employable skills through Career-oriented papers.

Strengths of the Department
  • Head of the Department
  • Staff co-operation
  • Constructive syllabus
  • Career-oriented papers
  • Syllabus revised at regular intervals
  • Adaptability of the syllabus to current changes
  • Amenities in the Department
  • ICT enabled class rooms
  • Intercom and Microphone in classrooms
  • Fully furnished Staff rooms
  • Laptop and Desktop Computer with Wi-fi and Internet facility
  • Guide to Consumers – An Elective Paper

In order to educate the students about the need for Consumer Education, an Elective Paper titled ‘Guide to Consumers’ is incorporated in the curriculum for the Final Year students of the Department through which skills, concepts and understanding required for everyday living to achieve maximum satisfaction and utilization of her resources is provided.

  • The UGC sponsored Certificate Course in Human Resource Management and Development is offered to the students of all disciplines.
  • Coaching Classes for ICWAI, CA-CPT, CSAT, LIC, TNPSC, IBPS and RRB are conducted every weekend.
  • Classes for the Certificate Course offered by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) are held every Friday.
  • Booklets are offered to the students to help them in competitive Examinations by the Department in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Graduates’ Federation.
  • The coaching classes for Bank Clerical Grade and Probationary Officer are conducted in a tie-up with T.I.M.E. Institute.
  • Small Savings Club in collaboration with the Indian Posts and Telegraphs, GOI was started to promote the savings habit among the students.
  • As women are the future Pillars of the Society, the Entrepreneur Development Club was started with an aim to provide necessary exposure to the students regarding entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • The Citizen Consumer Club was started with the aim of providing the students with an awareness of various unfair trade practices and the methods involved in overcoming exploitation of the consumers.

Classes handled by the Staff Members To encourage students to take up professional courses. Future Plans of the Department

  • To encourage research activity among students and staff
  • To undertake minor and major projects
  • To introduce Ph.D. Course
  • To undertake a Memorandum of Understanding with nearby industries

Course Offered

Academic Courses
Established Year198020032002

Ms. Sathya N.

M.Com,SET M.Phil.(Ph.D.)ProfessorII View

Ms.Lalith Priya M.D.

M.Com., M.Phil, B.Ed., SETProfessorII View

Ms. Prithivi S.S.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms. Anitha Devi A.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms. Nalini M.

M.Com., M.Phil,MBA, NET, SETProfessorII View

Ms. Kalaivani K.

M.Com., M.Phil,MBA, SETProfessorII View

Ms. Aswini N.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms. Meena N.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms. Anitha S.

M.Com., MBA., M.Phil, SETProfessorII View

Ms. Prasanna P.

M.Com., (M.Phil)ProfessorII View

Ms. Shalini S.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms. Sangavi Preethi J.

M.Com., M.PhilProfessorII View

Ms.Usha Bernadette Mary G.

M.Com.ProfessorI View

Dr(Ms.) Auxilia Antony S

M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr(Ms.) Anitha Alice E.

M.Com., M.Phil.SET,Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Ms. Valentina Usha Kalaichelvi S

M.Com., M.Phil.SET,(Ph.D.)ProfessorI View

Dr.(Sr.) SagayaMary T.

MBA., M.Com., Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Ms. Thenmozhi G.

ProfessorI View


M.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorI View

Placement Details

Shift I

Year  Passed outNo. of  Students AdmittedNo. of students opted Higher EducationNo. of Students placed
2015 – 2016682320
2016 – 201770325
2017 – 201868197
YearNo. of students opting Higher EducationNo. of Students placed in Organizations
2015 – 201635
2016 – 2017Nil3
2017 – 201845

Shift II

Year Passed out No. of students admittedNo. of students opted Higher EducationNo. of Students placed
2015 – 201663154
2016 – 2017693611
2017 – 2018702312

Distinguished Alumnae details

Shift I

 List of Distinguished Alumnae with details like Name, Passed out year, present status.

Shift II

NamePassed out yearPresent status
Mrs. G. Hari Sudha
Assistant Manager, Corporation Bank, Thiruvannamalai.
Ms. C.S. Yogavalli Sridevi2006TCS E-Service Ltd., United Kingdom.
Ms. C.S. Sathyabama Swathy2009Executive, World Shiradi Saibaba Organisation, United Kingdom.
Ms. Maya Panikar2010Hr, Microsoft, Chennai.
Ms. Nikita Savio Antonio2012Manager, Citi Bank, Chennai
Ms. Shreenidhi2012HR, TCS, Bangalore
Ms. N. Rudhra Devi2013Royal Bank of Scotland, Chennai.
Ms. Anuradha2012Clerk, ING Vysya Bank, Vellore.
Ms. Gopitha2012HR, WIPRO, Chennai
Ms. Jyothi1996Divisional Manager, ICICI, Vellore
Ms. G. Thilagavathi2014Junior Assistant, Commercial Taxes, Vellore.

Innovative Practices

Shift I

  • Smart Class
  • Mind mapping
  • Role playing
  • Reinforcement
  • Competency mapping

Shift II

  • Value Education
  • Prayers at the beginning and end of the day
  • Value for each month
  • Industrial visits
  • Internship Training Programme
  • Research for PG and Certificate Course
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Participation in various competitions and events
  • Paper presentation and publications for M.Phil.,
  • “Kaluri Sandhai” – Organised by the Department of Commerce every year helps the students to emerge as self employed entrepreneurs.
  • Small savings club helps to inculcate the habit of savings among the students.


  • Faculty achievements
  • Student achievements (Results)

Shift I

BatchNo. of Students AdmittedNo. of Students PassedPass Percentage
BatchNo. of Students AdmittedNo. of Students PassedPass Percentage
BatchNo. of Students AdmittedNo. of Students Passed Pass Percentage

Shift II

Faculty achievements (Awards and Recognition)
2015- SET Cleared
  • Ms. N. Sathya
  • Ms. Lalith Priya M.D.
2016Ms. Valentine Usha Kalaichelvi
2016Dr. Auxilia Antony – was awarded doctorate from Thiruvalluvar University
2016Dr. Auxilia Antony coordinated India Malaysia Youth Exchange Program held at Malaysia
Student achievements (Results) UG
BatchNo. of students admittedNo. of students passedPass Percentage
BatchNo. of students admittedNo. of students passedPass Percentage

Programmes Organized

Shift I

  • State level/National level/International level
  1. 16 September 2015 National level seminar on “PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN COMMERCE AND CAREER OPPORTUNITY” Organised by the dept of commerce on The Institute of Cost Accountants of India Kolkata.
Resource persons were;
  •  Dr. Ashok I. Central council member and chairman The Institute of Cost Accountants of India Kolkata.
  • Dr. Mayil Murugan A.
  • Dr. Jothi Sathish

2.  23 September 2015  National workshop on “Basics of capital markets”
Resource persons were;

  • Shri K. Jawarilal Jain, Chairman of Ambalal groups
  • Mr. S. Gopal Managing Director Ambalal
  • Mr.A.S. Rajasekaran , Senior Vice President of Ambalal

3 September 2018 State level Workshop on Traditional &electronic banking practices “for the general public
Resource persons were
  1. Sri Priya- Branch Manager Indian Overseas Bank
  2. Chitti Babu –Regional branch manager vellore

Shift II

State level/National level/International level
  • National Conference on Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development - 30th November 2015.
  • National Seminar on Digital Economy - 16th August 2018.
Association activities (Regular association activities, Field visits)
Association Activities
  1. Stress Interview
  2. AD-ZAP
  3. Product Launch
  4. Business Quiz
  5. Poster Presentation
  6. Collage
  7. Connections
  8. Skit
  9. Mime
Field Visits
  1. Aavin Parlour – Vellore – 19.02.2016
  2. Tanners and Shoe Factory – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  3. Naidu Hall – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  4. Naidu Hall – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  5. SIDCO Industrial Estate, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore – 16.12.2017


Shift I

  1. Facilities for Research in the department. NIL
List of Research Supervisors (M.Phil. and Ph.D.)
  • Deepa K., M.Com.,M.Phil.,SET,(Ph.D.),Asst.Prof.
No. of M.Phil. scholars full time and part time(year wise)
  1. 2015-2016 – 24 Scholars (Full time)
  2. 2016-2017 – 5 Scholars(Full time)
  3. 2017-2018 – 1 Scholars(Full time)

shift - II

Facilities for Research in the department.

  1. Digital Library
  2. Wi-fi Campus
  3. List of Research Supervisors (M.Phil. and Ph.D.)
  1. Dr. Auxilia Antony
  2. Dr. P. Meenakshi
  1. P. Meenakshi
  2. of Ph.D. scholars (year wise) -NIL
  3. of M.Phil. scholars full time and part time(year wise)
Full Time (M.Phil.,)

2016- 13 2017- 5 2018- 3

Association Activities

  1. Academic year 2015-2016 July 29- Inaugration of Commerce Association Theme: “self confidence and motivation” Dr.Sowmya Narayanan, Director of R&R learning dvelopment centre.
  2. August 26- Department activity conducted on the theme of “Career Opportunities” Resource persons were Ms.Thillaivani Director of Bharath school banking,Mr. Venkat Managing Director of Bharath school of banking
  3. September 16- National level seminar theme: “professional courses in Commerce and career opportunities”. Resource persons were CMA Dr. Mayil Murugan A. CMA.Dr. Jothi Sathish. CMA Dr. I. Ashok
  4. September 23- Workshop conducted on the theme: “ Basics of capital market” National Stock and Exchange. Resource person:Mr. Gopal, Managing Director of Shares and Stocks Private ltd.
  5. December 21- Product Launch Cmpetetion.Topic: (Pen, Herbal products and watches)
  6. 2016 Feb 4- Quiz competetion
  7. Feb 16-19 – Seminar on “ Consumer Protection Act and Rights. Resource person:Mr. M R J Rajendra Prasath, High Court Advocate.
  8. Feb 17- Poster Presentation Competion
  9. Paper Presentation on “ Consumer Awareness Consumer Rights and consumer Redressal”.
  10. Feb 19- Group Dissicussion
  11. Feb 19- Quiz competetion(MCQ type)
  12. Feb 24- Counselling Program on topic Health Academics and Psychological issues.
  13. July-26 Inauguration of the association (Theme- e-Commerce)
  14. Aug-17 Motivation Programme to apply Online cource in “MHRD-NPTEL website.”
  15. Sep21- Commerce Quiz – Prize winners were Haritha varshni and Mahalakshmi.
  16. Nov 19- Article Presentation on “demonetization”- Prize winners were Arunaramani, Thivya and Ruth Monika
  17. Nov 25- Poster Presentation on “ Advantages and Disadvantages of demonetization”
  18. 04 Feb 2017- Budget Quiz on ‘Budget 2017’
  19. Feb 22- Motivation program to enroll for the ‘ Post India Scheme’, to create awareness of savings for the future.
  20. Feb 24- Food stall were organised as a part of Entrepreneurial development certificate course.
  21. Aug 12- Rongoli competition on theme: Logos of schemes introduced by P M Shri. Modi.
  22. Aug 18- Multiple Chioce Questions competition on Topic: Marketing, commerce, Accounting, Economics, Banking law and Current affairs.
  23. Sep 13- Inter Collegiate competition at Marudhar Kesari Jain College, Vaniyambadi.
  24. Oct 5 – Group discussion Topic: Demonetisation and cashless Economy”
  25. Dec 18- Product Launch
  26. Jan 29- COMMITS- Inter Collegiate competition at Sacred Hearts College.
  27. Feb 17- students attended Rivera 2018 and motivational talk on sharpening skill and overall personality development.
  28. 24 July 18- Just a Minute based on general commerce topic
  29. 21 Aug- Career Awareness Programme
  30. 3 Sep- Workshop on treditional and e- banking Practices
  31. 10 Dec- Quiz Competition on Logos, slogans and Currencies of Different Currencies

Shift II

  • Stress Interview
  • AD-ZAP
  • Product Launch
  • Business Quiz
  • Poster Presentation
  • Collage
  • Wealth from waste
  • Connections
  • Skit
  • Mime
Field Visits
  1. Aavin Parlour – Vellore – 19.02.2016
  2. Tanners and Shoe Factory – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  3. Naidu Hall – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  4. Naidu Hall – Ambur – 23.03.2017
  5. SIDCO Industrial Estate, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore – 16.12.2017
TIME10.00 AM TO 12.30 PM
On 25th July 2019 the Department of Commerce-Shift II had its Association Inauguration. The programme was held in the college Auditorium at 10.00 am. Mr.Venkatesh Rotarian was the chief guest for the day. The inauguration was marked with the lighting of kuthuvillaku. MS. Sathya N, Head In charge Department of Commerce welcomed and felicitated the chief guest with a gift.
The chief guest first conducted an activity to make students understand about grabbing the opportunities. He explained the meaning of “ASK” where a person should possess certain qualities like, A fro ATTITUDE, S for SKILLS and K for KNOWLEDGE. The session was very interactive with the students. He motivated the students in overcoming their obstacles and taught them the steps to lead a successful life. Finally Ms. Shakthi Priyanka M.G. proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was ended with photo session.

Extension Activities

Shift I

  • 07 July 2015- Blood donation at CMC , Vellore.
  • 8 Aug 2015- Participated in Don Bosco Rally
  • 22 Aug 2015- Provided services in Correction Home for Girls, Torapadi, Vellore.
  • 23 Nov 2017- Students Provided Grocery Item to blind School. Raja Theater, Vellore.
  • 25 Nov 2017- Vist to Nambikkai Illam – Provided Grocery Item
  • 24 Nov 2017- Provided services in New Life Trust Mission, Otteri.
  • 4 Dec 2017 - Vist to Nambikkai Illam – Provided Grocery Item.
  • 07 Jan 2019- visti to bethel Home – by Final Year B.Com Students .
  • 28 Jan 2019 - Vist to Nambikkai Illam – Provided Grocery Item.
  • 29 Jan 2019 - Vist to Athma Shanthi Foundation – Provided Grocery Item.

Shift II

As a part of our Department extension activity 25 volunteers rendered their services to the Students of VI, VII & VIII Std of Kangeyanellur Boys Hr. sec School. The motto of this extension activity is teaching Life skills to the students of rural boys and girls. Outdoor sessions are also conducted. At the end of the session students are regularly given general awareness regarding various social issue, Good manners, Cleanliness etc.

Clubs and Movements

Shift I

  • To educate students about rights of the consumer .
  • To impart Knowledge about the role of consumers in protection of their rights and to strengthen the consumerism.
  • To Mobilize youngsters by instilling in them the sprit of protection of consumer rights
Coordinator: A . Anitha Devi , Asst. Professor , Dept of Commerce.
members : 205
Activities :
22:09:2015 Seminar on “Food safety measures”. The resource person were,
  • Mr. M. Selvaraj, Executive Secretary Treasures, FEDCOT
  • Mr. M. Nagarajan, Chennai, Zonal Coordinator, FEDCOT
21:12:2015Competition on Product Launch on consumer durables
15:02:2016Awareness Speech on Consumer rights by Advocate,Rajendra Prasath. J
15:02:2016 to 19:02:2016Competition conducted during Consumer Week were as follows
17:02:2016Poster Presentation
18:02:2016Paper Presentation
  • One word Competition
  • Quiz Competition
  • Group Disussion
24:06:2016 Workshop on Consumer Guide and Empowerment. The resource person were,
  • Mr Dass., Advocate, Member of Consumer Forum, NCDRC, SCDRC, Legal director, FEDCOT
  • Mr. Selvaraj, Secretary of Consumer Club, vellore.
15:09:2016A lecture on Consumer awareness to Draft report to difference offices regarding consumer issues. Resources person was C.T. Basheerudin M.A
19:10:2016Paper presentation competition on “Consumer protection and food Adulteration”
19:12:2016 Seminar on Right to healthy Environment resource persons were,
  • Mr. Arulanandam B.E – Seminar Manager TNEB, Vellore
  • Mr. R. Kumar – Junior Enginer, TNEB
20:12:2016General Consumer awareness by students of B.Com on “Consumerrights and Rights to Information Act”.
19:01:2017Seminar on “Introduction About Consumer Forum”.
13:02:2017 to 14:02:2017Consumer Week Celebration
  • Rally was Organized on the topic “Importance of food safety”.
  • Students Organized stalls to give awareness regarding “For safety and organic food”.
  • The inauguration was done by food safety department and FEDCOT OFFICERS
15:02:2017Poster Presentation Competition
17:07:2017Awareness seminar by students of III B.Com to other students of the college on the topic “Consumer rights and Responsibility”.
29:09:2017 Inter-department power point presentation competition on topics such as,
  • Online Trading
  • Food Adulteration
  • Misleading Advertisement
  • Cash less Economy
13:02:2018Essay writing competition was conducted on the topic “Is consumer the real King in today’s scenario”
10:09:2018 to 12:09:2018Power Point Presentation on the following topics ;Consumer Awareness
  • Food Adulteration
  • FSSAI Act
  • Consumer grievances and Redressl procedure
16:10:2018Awareness Campaign
25:01:2019Essay writing Competition on topic “Food safety Hazards”
30:01:2019Poster Presentation competition on topic “Food safety Hazards”


Gandhi Nagar,
Vellore - 632 006, Tamilnadu,
South India.

Off: 0416 - 22 41 774

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Res: 91 - 0416 - 22 41 994


The vision of the college is the education of young women especially the poorest to become empowered and efficient leaders of integrity for the society.


To impart higher education to the economically weak, socially backward and needy students of Vellore and neighbouring districts.

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