The field of Microbiology is a specialization under the umbrella term biological science which is one of the most critical components of modern day science offering a tremendous potential to the learners. Microbes cause the infectious diseases that are some of our biggest foes, yet are also our closest companions, with microbial cells outnumbering human cells in our bodies. They are the engines that drive the biosphere and shape our climate. The Department of Microbiology in Auxilium College was started in the year 1999 at Undergraduate level and in 2020 at Postgraduate level to help the interested young women to obtain their higher education in rudiments of Microbiology by making them understand the practical consequences of microbial interactions with human and environment. The department is bestowed with good infrastructure facility with well-equipped laboratory aiding in competent learning. It fosters an ethical environment based on human values in which both spirit and skill thrive to enrich the quality of women. The curriculum designed provides more in-depth coverage within the field and the elective courses offered complements the students’ career. It begins with an introduction to biosafety practices and enhances with biological sample handling, essential microscopy skills to aseptic technique through culture methods and enriches with advanced methods in genetic engineering. The progression includes investigation of clinical cum environmental isolates and examination of finished textiles and cosmetics that culminates with a practical evaluation of all microbiology skills learned in the course. The Department also equips students in advanced studies including bio entrepreneurship by applying new ideas and technologies in biological sciences via academic projects. Overall, the department prepares the learners with an engaging and meaningful laboratory experience that nurtures the sense of discovery and encourage greater interest in microbiology as a topic, a field of study, and a career addressing the increasing need for skilled scientific manpower by generating highly qualified Microbiologists with an understanding of research ethics involving microorganisms that contributes to its application, advancement and impartment  knowledge in the field globally, thereby providing sustainable competitive edge in the present society.


Academic Programmes

Degree Programme Year of Establishment
B.Sc Microbiology 1999
M.Sc Microbiology 2020


Management/Self-Supporting Faculty

Ms.B.V.Gowri currently serves as an Assistant Professor and Head i/c in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She has over 18 years of teaching experience as a Microbiology instructor and demonstrator. She completed her Under-graduation and Post-graduation degrees in Microbiology at D.K.M College for Women, Vellore and Adhiparasakthi College of Science, Kalavai which was affliated then to University of Madras and acquired her M.Phil from Annamalai University, Chidambaram. Her research interest includes the fields encompassing Food and Dairy Microbiology; Clinical and Diagnostic Microbiology. Adding to her soft skills she is a keen observer, active listener, adept communicator, flexible hard worker and a sharp problem solver. She is currently pursuing her research on probiotic microbial consortia of high dexterity in combating lactose intolerance.


Ms. Malathi T. currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology since 2014. She has 19 years 3 months of teaching experience. She completed her B.Sc. at Indo-American College, Cheyyar and M.Sc. at Presidency College, Chennai affiliated to University of Madras. She acquired her M.Phil. from Periyar University Salem. She served as Head of the Department of Microbiology in Indo-American College, Cheyyar from 2004-2007 and in Kaveripakkam College of Arts & Science from 2008 to 2014 as Head i/c and Principal in charge. She is currently guiding in the areas of Medical Microbiology and Advanced Microbiology for Post Graduate students.


Ms.Deepa R. currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She completed her Under-graduation, Post-graduation and Master of Philosophy in Microbiology at D.K.M.College for Women (Autonomous) affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University. Her academic career spans over 7 years. She has an unfeigned interest in the field of Microbiology. An admirable hard and a smart worker in a team who always sees projects through from conception to completion. Her research interests lie in the broad areas of Bioremediation, Environmental Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology.


Dr. Kalpana V N Currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She has 6 years of teaching experience. She completed her B.Sc. Microbiology at Auxilium College(Autonomous) and acquired M.Sc. Microbiology from D. K. M. College for Women (Autonomous). She obtained her Ph.D in the year 2020 from VIT, Vellore. Her research interests include Enzymology, Parasitology, Microbial biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology. She has published papers in National and International Journals of repute. She was awarded with Researcher award for publishing papers in peer reviewed International journals for three consecutive years 2016, 2017 and 2018. She has also received an award for contribution in health awareness in EEA Conference 2021, New Delhi.


Dr. A. Nithya currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She has 2 years and 8 months of teaching experience with 8 years of research experience, she has worked as a Research Technician in ‘Biologic Research Centre’, Coimbatore. She completed her B. Sc. (Microbiology) at Maharaja College for Women, Perundurai, Erode and acquired M. Sc. (Microbiology) from Dr. G. R. Damodaran College of Science, Coimbatore, affiliated to Bharathiar University. She obtained her Ph.D in the year 2018 from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. Her research interests include Plant- Microbe interaction, Molecular Biology, Proteomics and Bioinformatics. She has received Research Awards 2015 for the contribution of Research and Publication in peer reviewed Journals from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu and she also received Best Paper Award in National Conference on “New Horizons in Plant Biotechnology: Innovative Products and Applications” on the topic - Molecular Analysis for the Detection of Human Pathogenic Bacteria in Salad Vegetables.


Dr. Nabila M.I. currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She has 1.7 years of teaching experience and 8 years of Research experience. She completed her B.Sc. in Microbiology from Auxilium College and M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology (Deemed to be University), Vellore. She has pursued her B.Ed. from Indian College of Education, Vellore. She successfully accomplished her Ph.D. degree in the year 2022 from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. Her research interests include Microbiology, Actinomycetes, Aquaculture, Purification and Identification of Bioactive compounds and Microbial Nanotechnology. She has published papers in peer reviewed National and International Journals of repute.


Ms.Munasira Begum V.S currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience. She has spent six years as an Assistant Professor, inspiring students in Microbiology. With a strong educational background and a passion for excellence, she excels in both Academia and Technical skills. Her research interest focuses on the potential anti-inflammatory properties of bioactive compounds from Cissus vitiginea, leveraging both computational and experimental approaches. It addresses a critical health concern and holds promise for future drug development and natural remedy exploration.


Dr. R. Nathiya works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She has been a teacher for 3 years and 4 months. She completed her B.Sc. Microbiology at Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore; M.Sc. Applied Microbiology at DKM College for Women (Autonomous), Vellore; M.Phil. Microbiology at Kamban Arts and Science College for Women, Thiruvannamalai. She was conferred with Ph.D. from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore in 2020. Some of her research interest includes molecular identification of antibiotic resistance pattern among clinical isolates, biofilm formation, identification of bioactive molecules for anti-diabetic and antibacterial therapeutic applications, nanoemulsion formulation, mathematical modeling, optimization using Design Expert, RT-PCR. She has presented in national and international conferences and has published papers in journals of repute. She was granted the VIT Research Award for the year 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Ms. Niveetha B currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore. She is a fresher, who recently completed her Master’s degree in Microbiology from Auxilium College in the year 2023. She did her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Auxilium College (Autonomous), Vellore affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University. Her research interests include Biocorrosion studies, Nanotechnology and Industrial Microbiology.



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  • R.Deepa and A. Vidhya*. ‘Characterization of Biopolymer Produced by Streptomyces sp. RDD’, International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences, ISSN 2321-3272 (Print) / ISSN 2230-7605 (Online), April-2019, Vol. 9, Special Issue 2, pp 392-397.
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  • Munasira Begum V.S., Mohamed Tariq N.P.M., Hemapriya J., Muhammed Shariq K., Farook M.A, Biological evaluation of Cissus vitiginea leaves ethanol extract with anticancer activities against mcf-7 and vero cell lines an experimental approach. International Journal of Zoological Investigations, ISSN 2454 – 3055, December-2022, Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp 896 – 911.




Bashya Ramanujam Sampath Kumari Scholarship for a deserving Under Graduate student of Microbiology

S.No. Name Year
1. Sasirekha R 2016 – 2017
2. Baby Salini S 2017 – 2018
3. Sheela S 2018 – 2019
4. Sevvanthi A 2019 – 2020
5. Durga Devi M 2020 – 2021
6. Sandhya S N 2021 – 2022
7. Dharshini T 2022 – 2023


  • National Level Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science - Biomic’17” on 13th September 2017 addressed by Dr. Venkateswaran, Head, Department of Food Microbiology and Fermentation Technology, CFTRI, Mysore, Dr. Joy Sarojini Michael, Head of the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Dr. Eapen, Medical superintendent, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Dr. Saravanan, Assistant Professor in Marine pharmacology, Chettinad Academy of Research & Education, Kelambakkam, Kanchipuram and Dr. Vijayashankar Asokan, Postdoctoral Researcher, Center of Electron Microscopy, Zhejiang University, China.
  • National Webinar on “COVID 19: THE PANDEMIC” on 28th May 2020 addressed by Dr. Sara Chandy, Molecular Virologist, Kanchi Kamakoti Child’s Trust Hospital, Nungambakkam, Chennai.
  • National Virtual Seminar on ““Waterborne Pathogens: The never ending threat” on 22nd July 2020 addressed by Dr. Joseph C. Daniel, Associate Professor and Head, PG and Research Department of Microbiology, St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.
  • International Webinar on ““The future of phage therapy in the era of antibiotic resistance” on 26th October 2021 addressed by Dr. Prasanth Manohar, Post-doctoral scientist, The University of Edinburgh Institute of Zhejiang University(ZJE), Zhejiang University School of Medicine, International Campus, Haining, Zhejiang, PR China.







  • Microbiologists Society of India, Osmanabad, Maharashtra
  • Life Teck Research Centre, Chennai
  • Dynamic Megaceutics, Chennai
  • Biokart India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Progene, Unit of OPRL Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Chennai


S.No Title Author Youtube URL LINK
1 Plasmids Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
2 Vectors Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
3 Algal Biotechnology Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
4 Interferons Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
5 Tissue Plasminogen Activator Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
6 Production of Antibiotics Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
7 Site directed mutagenesis Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
8 Casettee mutagenesis Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
9 Enzyme immobilization Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
10 DNA polymerase and modifying enzymes Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
11 Restriction endonuclease Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
12 Recombinant insulin Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
13 Enzyme Ligase Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
14 Gene Therapy Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
15 pBR322 Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
16 Sterilization Part I Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
17 Sterilization Part II Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
18 Disinfection Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
19 Ti plasmid Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
20 Clostridium tetani Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
21 Lambda Phage Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
22 M13 Phage Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
23 Lactophenol Cotton blue wet mount Ms.R.Deepa Click here
24 Phagocytosis Dr.M.I.Nabila Click here
25 Cell Dr.G.Ramya Click here
26 Moving boundary electrophoresis Dr.A.Nithya Click here
27 Soil microorganisms Ms.V.S.Munasira Begum Click here
28 Nanobiotechnology: A new approach to treat and prevent malaria Dr.V.N.Kalpana Click here
29 Antibiotics Ms.T.Malathi Click here
30 Strain improvement of Industrially important microorganisms Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
31 pSC101 Ms.B.V.Gowri Click here
32 Hospital acquired infection Dr.R.Manjula Click here
33 Gram staining Ms.V.S.Munasira Begum Click here
34 Plant- microbe interaction Dr.R.Nathiya Click here
35 Immunity and its types Dr.M.I.Nabila Click here
36 Quiz on microorganisms important in food microbiology Ms.R.Deepa Click here
37 Puzzle on food preservation by drying Ms.R.Deepa Click here
38 Characteristics of mold Ms.R.Deepa Click here
39 Identification of mold Ms.R.Deepa Click here
40 Basis of antigen specificity Dr.V.N.Kalpana Click here
41 Aquatic microbes – The invisible Wonders Ms.R.Deepa Click here


  • Microbiological analysis of Air quality.
  • Bacteriological analysis of drinking water in Auxilium College Campus.
  • Microbial Test for soil fertility – Auxilium College Agriculture Land.
  • Microbial analysis of Comestibles – Auxilium College Canteen and Hostel Mess.
  • Awareness on infectious disease and its control measures among government school students.
  • Health awareness programmes for women students.
  • Teaching through e-learning tools and animations.


National Seminar on “The Frontiers of Life Science”

Guest Lecture on “Biological Safety”

Poster presentation on “Biohazardous waste and its impact”

Microbiology Extension Activity

Poster Presentation on “Bioterrorism”

Guest Lecture on “Food Industrial Safety”

Parents –Teachers Meet

Industrial Visit to Heritage Foods Limited

Hands on Training on “Mushroom Cultivation”