Past Pupil Meeting Report

Past Pupil’s Meet – 9th July 2017

Past Pupil Meet – INM
9th July 2017.
Auxilium Home, Katpadi.

The meeting took place on 9th July 2017 at Auxilium Home in Katpadi, Vellore. 102 past pupils and 14 sisters from 14 houses participated. The whole session was led by Ms. Jeromea. The meeting started at 9.30 am with a prayer service conducted by Sr. Lidvin from Polur unit. Ms. Victoria, the Past Pupil President welcomed the participants. Sr. Amala Dass wished and gave her blessings to everyone.

Sr. Amali Alexander, the General Coordinator in the first session, spoke on “Verification: Experience of encounter that transforms towards Triennial Evaluation”. In that, she discussed the goals of the 23rd General Chapter and also she explained how to deal with the obstacles to the goals of the General Chapter. She also mentioned that the 24th General Chapter will be held on October 2018. At 10.45 am there was a break and refreshments were served.

At 11.10 am the next session begun. In that Sr. Jayaceli, ——– spoke on “Young People, Synod – Past Pupils”. She spoke about past pupils’ life, the meaning of synod, youth, faith and vocation discernment. Especially, she insisted on the responsibility of past pupils in dealing with today’s youth. She asked the young past pupils to go through the website ‘www.exallieve.fma.org’ and fill the Vatican Synod Document.

After that, a group discussion was conducted and the past pupils were divided into 10 groups. The discussion was about salesian spirituality, strengthening the past pupil association, life according to Gospel values. At 1.30 pm there was a lunch break.

After lunch, the consolidated points of the group discussion were again discussed in the general assembly by Sr. Glorina Reeta. She also insisted on creating a webpage for the past pupil association in order to update and develop the activities. Also, she encouraged the past pupils to write articles in the newsletter called ‘Vibration’.

Following that, three past pupils of 80’s batch Ms. Sachu Kumari, Ms. Sumathi and Ms. Mary Sumathi, shared their experiences about how the values learnt from the salesian family helped them in their development. After that, some past pupils from the gathering shared how they enjoyed the day.

At last Ms. Angel from Kodambakkam unit proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting ended successfully with a Mass

Past Pupil’s Meet – 21st July 2017

Date : 21st July 2017
Time : 1.00 p.m. – 1.45 p.m.
Venue : Media Block Seminar Hall
Organizer : Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
Members present : 74 alumnae staff members, Auxilium College

The first past pupils’ meet for the year 2017-18 was organized by Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary, Assistant Professor of Zoology on 21st July, 2017. The meeting started at 1.00 pm with the prayer song ‘Blessed are you merciful’. 74 alumnae staff members participated.

Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Assistant Professor of Mathematics reported and shared her experiences about the province level Past Pupil Meet which was held on 9th July 2017 at Auxilium Home, Katpadi.

Dr.(Sr.) Regina Mary spoke on the topic, “Young People, Synod – Past Pupils”. She explicatedon past pupils’ life, meaning of Synod, faith and vocational discernment through a power point presentation.

Dr. A. Sabarmathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) was selected as the President and Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) and Ms. D. Tamizhenthi, Assistant Professor, Department ofPhysics(shift-II) were selected as the councilors of the Past Pupils’ Association,Auxilium College.