“Remember who you are really today, know that you too have power to overcome anything you may be facing, it’s time to rise and shine and so forth I take it a privilege to greet a very good morning to one and all present here. Honourable Chief Guest  Mrs. Kamini N., IPS Deputy Inspector General of Police, Vellore Region, and our secretary Rev. (Sr.) Alice K.T., the Principal Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R. The Vice Principals Sr. Sumathi M.  of Shift – I and Dr. (Sr.) Amala Valarmathy A. Shift – II and our Special Invitees, Coaches of Various Teams, Heads of Department, Members of Faculty and My Dear Students, it is indeed my privilege to present the report of the Sports Activities on the 65th annual sports meet.

College is for most a very demanding period that brings with itself a lot of change. It can be a challenge to keep the energy level up all the time. Friends come and go and so do preferences. It’s hard to put things into perspective and stay motivated for the task, at hand as this is the time one faces the society. It is the time when one moulds one’s true self for the future. In midst of all this commotion, I strongly believe that sports help the students to calm down and streamline their goal, it teaches the students the essence of life by edifying morals like team work, being honest and most importantly it teaches you to face difficulties.

According to Corinthians Chapter 9: Verses 25 – 27 from The Bible “All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with the purpose in every step, I am not just shadow boxing, I discipline my body like an athlete is training to do what it should, otherwise I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified”; keeping this verse in mind our Auxilium College girls have participated in the following events and have emerged as winners, all by the grace of god.

Intramural Tournaments

Intramural is the sport competition conducted within the college campus which I’m sure everyone is well aware. Intramurals consists of the following events-Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey, Shuttle, Table Tennis, Cricket, Kabaddi and Chess and  Athletic events like 100Mts, 200Mts, 400Mts, 800Mts, 1500Mts, 5000Mts, 10,000Mts, 5Km Walk, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Hammer Throw, Discus and Javelin which were conducted for shift I & shift II separately.

The annual sports day

The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on 30th August 2018, with great zeal and excitement. The esteemed Chief Guest was Mr. Adhiveerapandian K., Additional Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Intercollegiate Tournaments:

Our students participated in Basket Ball, Hockey, Cricket, Volley Ball, Kabaddi, Table Tennis and Ball Badminton. Our students emerged as winners in Cricket and Shuttle Runner up in Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis and Hockey.

CM trophy: organised by Sport Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT)

  1. Our Basket Ball team participated in this event and placed second receiving a cash prize of Rs. 750 per player.
  2. The Volley Ball team players secured third position and received a cash prize of Rs. 500 per player.
  3. Monica Florence S. of II BCA received a Cash Prize of Rs. 1000 in 100 Mts and 400Mts. Diviya K. M. III B.com shift II received Rs. 1000 in Long Jump, Nivetha S. of I BCA Shift II received Rs. 750 for hurdles.


Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore conducted an open athletic events in which our college students emerged as the overall champions winning the championship trophy.

Interdivisional tournaments

Our college students participated in the interdivision tournaments and were winners in cricket and hockey, and runners up in Basketball, Football, and Shuttle and by the grace of god we were the overall athletic champions for the year 2018 – 2019.

Inter university tournaments (south zone)

18 of our Auxilium stars represented the Thiruvalluvar University for the last academic year:

  1. Vidhya T. III B.Sc. Physics Shift II for Football, organised by Jeppiar Mamallan Engineering College, Sathiyabama University, Sriperumbatur.
  2. Saraswathy L. III BBA Shift II and Janani M. of III B.Com Shift I for Basketball organized by SRM University, Katankulathur.
  3. Vanmathi K. I B.Sc. Physics Shift II for Hockey organized by Alagappa University Karaikudi
  4. Poojashree V. II B.Sc. Maths Shift I for Shuttle organized by VIT University Vellore.
  5. Monica Florence S. II BCA Shift I, Divya K.M. III B&I Shift II, Vishali L. II B.Com Shift II, Priyanka G. I B.Sc. Maths C Shift II and Deepalakshmi R. I B.A. English ‘A’ Shift I for Athletics organized by Mangalore University, Mangalore.
  6. Thilagavathy V. III B.Com Shift II, Keerthika S. III B.Com Shift II, Monisha E. II B. Sc. Maths Shift II, Priyanka R.A. I B.Sc. Maths Shift II, Suganthi G. II M.com Shift I Lavanya M. I B.A. English ‘C’ and Meenakshi K. I B.A. History Shift I organized by Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh.

All India Inter University

Vidhya T. III B.Sc. Physics Shift II was selected to participate in All India Football Inter University organized by Punjab University, Amristar.  She received national scholarship in Football worth Rs. 10,000 and 6,000 in Amritsar and Punjab.


Monica Florence S. II BCA and Priyanka G. I B.Sc. Maths ‘C’ received the cash price of Rs.1000/-and 750/- respectively in Athletic events an International Sports and Cultural events organized by VIT University.

State Level Inter Collegiate Tournament/Athletic Meet

Under the Chairmanship of Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R., our beloved Principal with the support of our Vice Principals of Shift I and II with the guidance of Dr. D. Mary Reethammal and Mrs. B. Bindu Physical Directors our College conducted Inter Collegiate and Inter Divisional Tournaments Basketball, Shuttle, Inter division Cricket Tournament and Regional Sports Tournaments.

In State level Athletic events conducted by Tamil Nadu Athletic Association. Deepika V. III B.Sc. Chemistry secured I Place in Hammer and Monica Florence S. II BCA secured I Place in 100Mts, Bharathi M. III B.A. History, Radhika K. III B.A. History, Priyadharshini T. I B.A. History were selected for Hockey organized by Tamil Nadu Hockey Association held at Thirunveli.

On behalf of the entire college I would like to express my gratitude towards the coaches for without their hard work. I would like to thank Mr. Janardhanan and  Mr. Ravi for cricket, Mr. Bharathidhasan for Football, Mr. Vittal for Shuttle, Mr. Mahesh and   Mr. Vignesh for Hockey, Mr. Natrajan for Basketball, Mr. Prasad for Volleyball, Mr. Inbakumar for Athletics  who put their heart and soul to achieve this level.

My heartiest thanks to Rev. (Sr.) Amalorpavam S. J.,  the former secretary of our college for her constant support towards the promotion of sports and maintenance of ground.

My deepest gratitude to the Principal Rev. Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R. for her undying support for sports and constant encouragement. My thanks to the vice principals of shift I and II for being the pillars of support for managing the vents and the heads of the department who are ever supportive towards the children.

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Nirmal for doing his duty with the brightest smile regardless of the work and the non-teaching staff, workers and house staff for the maintenance of the ground and had left no stones unturned in their work.

And most of all I thank the almighty for showering his blessings upon us and I also thank him for giving me this opportunity to address the gathering.

Thank you all and hope you all have a wonderful day, ahead.