One of the most important activities vital to the successful operation of the Salesian System of Education is games and sports. A sound body is a place for a sound mind. Convinced of this wise saying, the College offers the students ample opportunities for physical training and chances for excelling in sports and games. The sports talents of students are identified encouraged and developed so that their employment chances are increased.


The College Teams

Basket ball
Ball Badminton
Foot Ball
Hand Ball
Kho- Kho
Table Tennis
Volley ball

The students actively participate in the intramurals. The celebration of Sports Day is an annual feature, which brings out the sports talents in the students. They participate actively in the Intercollegiate, Interdivisional and Inter University Tournaments. Besides, they take part in the District, State and National level Sports and Tournaments.
The Outdoor Facilities are: outdoor stadium Ball Badminton Courts, Basketball Courts, Handball Court, Kabaddi Courts, Kho-Kho Courts, Shuttle Courts, Volleyball Courts, Cricket Pitch, Hockey Field, Football Field, Non-standard 400 m 6-lane track, Long Jump Pit, High Jump Pit, Triple Jump Pit, Discus, Javelin, Shot Put and Hammer Throw Areas

The Indoor Stadium with an area of 12,100 sq. ft. containing specially designed Gym for Weightlifting, two Shuttle Courts, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Table Tennis tables, Physical Directors Room, Dressing Room, Equipment Room, Yoga Room, Toilets and Bathing Rooms and a Mini Physical Education Library.

Other equipments such as Carom Boards, Chess Boards, Roman Rings, Horizontal Bar, Dumb Bells, Table, Hurdles and Hoops are also available.


  • Compulsory Physical Education and fitness classes for all the first year students are conducted.
  • Students talented in physical capabilities are identified and provided good coaching so that they excel in zonal, inter zonal, University, state and national level tournaments


Future Plans:

    1. To help students to choose their career into sports.
    2. To produce ace players for the university, state and the country.

The Thiruvalluvar university Intercollegiate Badminton and Basketball Tournament held in Auxilium College on 20th September 2018. Auxilium College was the winners in Badminton and Runners up in Basketball.