Counselling is provided in Auxilium College to the young individuals to overcome many of their present and future problems. In recent times, College students face many diverse problems due to the rapid social changes caused by industrialization, urbanization and the impact of media. In the changing world scenario, their problems are coupled with competition and need for higher education, plus success in securing suitable jobs.

Counselling helps the normal thinking individuals overcome their challenges related to educational, vocational, marital, parental, health, and personal problems. The aim and objective is to help them become self-sufficient, self-dependent, self-directed to adjust themselves efficiently to the demands of a better and meaningful life.

Counselling actually depends much on the knowledge, understanding, skills, attitude and values of the counselor. It is not merely an act of advising or guiding a person. Advising and guiding is performed perfectly by parents, teachers, doctors and others in the society. A Counsellor directs an individual towards self-sufficiency in making decisions and self-realization.

Our Counsellor, Ms. Ruby Martin MA (SW) M.Phil., is available in her office in the Arts Block, during the college hours. Parents, staff and students can contact her directly for any counselling needs.