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Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

Principal’s Message


Looking back at the year that has gone by brings mixed feelings. We have worked hard as usual and have had a mixed bag at our hands-some troubles to keep us alive and cling to the Almighty and some dreams for our young people. Recently I met our past student volunteers who had taken a lot of trouble to come to the NSS camp. Interacting with them brought a lot of satisfaction knowing that all the trouble that we take, does bear fruit! Even students who seemed too critical while they were here, had words of appreciation for the quality of education, infrastructure and positive atmosphere that exist in Auxilium.

We do not compare ourselves with anyone, nor indulge in any superiority but take courage each time we meet with a backlash. It gives us the impetus to go on; to provide a better future for our young people. We see around the world that nations are in tumult. There is an uprising on the part of the people to have a right to a better living and hope for a better future. Only education, that too a quality education can ensure a promising future for our young people.

The world is progressing in many ways and the poor need to find their rightful places in this competitive society. We have a vision for them and though they do not understand it now, they will catch up with it very soon.


The trend with the young people today is very unsettling. Too easily they are trapped into unhealthy relationships which take a heavy toll upon their emotional lives and their education. Walking along with them, understanding them and guiding them with more compassion and love will help them make better choices that will benefit their future. We need to become educators who are positive about life, about our young people and give them courage and confidence for the future. This requires a change of mentality on our part. Today’s young people face more tentacles of temptation and distractions than we ever had. Instead of measuring them with our own scales let us treat this new generation with greater kindness. They have lots to offer us with their generosity and fresh wisdom.


May we build up more positive resources in the coming years that we as educators contribute effectively towards the building up of our young people in the Don Bosco Way. May our educating community continue to live the great dream of Don Bosco of educating the young with the heart of the Shepherd.