Women’s Cell

Name of the Group           –        Kanali Women’s Cell

Group Co-ordinator         –        Sr.Arokia Jayaceli Ambrose

Members                                –        Ninty two

Motto                                       –        Empower women to Enlighten                                                                                    humanity

 Aims and Objectives           

* To Affirm that women are the unique creation of the Almighty, and to enable them to experience  the Sakthi  within them

* To promote self Esteem, sisterhood and friendship among the student community

* To explore their opportunities to empower themselves as successful women

* To promote Gender Justice and the dignity of women in the campus and outside.  And to remove all barriers that prevent full participation of women and girls in the public life.

* To publish and disseminate information at different levels on gender, development, women’s empowerment, respect for rights and diversity, and peace and justice.

* To prepare students to become future agents to transform and better the Society.


* Seminars   on   “ Women’s rights.”

* Creating  awareness on girl children rights

* Training  programme for “Street theatre .”

* Blue Heart  campaign to prevent human trafficking.

* Community Extension service for visually challenged students.

* Group   study on women’s rights.

Month Action Plan Values
July Guest lecture on human Trafficking Blue heart campaign.

Orientation Talk on Goal setting

August The contribution of women  in Nation Building. Essay writing.

Programme on Personality development for students.

Sep Documentary movie on Human trafficking Availability
Nov Group sharing on social issues personal Reflection and  prayer commitments Compassion
Dec Two days seminar  on Human trafficking Consciousness
Jan Peace march to mark the Don Bosco’s contribution to the migrant boys. Eagerness
Feb Poster presentation on Human trafficking Empathy
 Mar  Women’s day Hopefulness
April  Evaluation Leadership