Plan and Project



Past pupil’s delegate of Auxulium College Unit, Vellore is Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary A., M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., Asst. Prof., Department of Zoology.


Integrally formed young women to be the agents of social transformation in today’s India.

Specific Objectives:

  • Make right choices in the daily events of life.
  • Have courage to think, decide and act with conviction
  • Lead an exemplary life in the work place remembering the values taught in the college
  • Be trustworthy in all the dealings with oneself and others

Action Plan:

  • Strength the Past Pupils unit by gathering the past pupils of all the batches and make the community co-responsible
  • Conduct outreach programmes to create awareness about the health and hygiene
  • Net working with the Rangers and VIDES in regular coaching class of the nearby villages
  • To be a responsible mother, sister, daughter, etc., in our own families
  • To give home tuition to the arrear Students of the College

Past Pupil’s Meet

Date                : 21st July 2017

Time               : 1.00 p.m. – 1.45 p.m.

Venue           : Media Block Seminar Hall

Organizer   : Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary, Assistant Professor,                                                           Department of Zoology

Members present       : Alumnae staff members, Auxilium College

The first past pupils’ meet for the year 2017-18 was organized by  Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary. The meeting started at 1.00 pm with the prayer song. Most of  alumnae staff members participated.

Dr. A. Sabarmathi,  Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) was selected as the President and Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) and Ms. D. Tamizhenthi,  Department of Physics(shift-II) were selected as the councilors of the Past Pupils’ Association, Auxilium College.