Plan and Project



  • The origin of the Past Pupils’ Movement is to be sought in the Preventive System, based as it is on the supernatural love of the Saint for the young. The pupils felt themselves loved by Don Bosco
  • It was started on June 24, 1870.

Don Bosco’s advice: “Remain united and help one another”acts as an inspiration to all


1) To reinforce and bring to perfection in the souls of the Past-Pupils the spirit of Don Bosco, and to encourage the practical application of his teachings in individual, family and social life.

2) To promote the spiritual unity of the Past-Pupils and the actual membership of the Organization in its National, Regional and Local centers.

3) To preserve and reanimate the sentiments of affectionate gratitude on the part of the Past-Pupils towards their educators.

4) To keep in touch with the Past-Pupils and to keep alive among them the happy relationship of good fellowship, even to the extent of eventual reciprocal spiritual and material help.

5) To rouse and actuate those forms of personal and collective activity, which help to satisfy the religious, moral and cultural needs of the Past-Pupils.




 Past Pupil’s Delegate         : Dr. (Sr.) R. Regina Mary, Principal,  Auxilium College

Unit President                      : Dr. (Mrs.) Sabarmathi  A., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Auxilium College

Unit Counsellor                   : Ms. Amalarathinam A., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Auxilium College.



Integrally formed young women to be the agents of social transformation in today’s India.


Specific Objectives:

 Acknowledge God as the centre of our life.

  • To become signs that make God’s love visible.
  • Have courage to think, decide and act with conviction.
  • Make right choices in the daily events of life.
  • Lead an exemplary life in the work place.


Action Plan:

  • Strengthen Salesian Spirituality among the unit members
  • Strengthen the Past Pupils unit through social media (Whats app group)
  • Collect details of past pupils outside our institute
  • Conduct outreach programmes to render service to migrants
  • Encouraging moment of prayer, picnic, family get together and sharing
  • Render generous service to the Alma Mater
  • Conduct tuition for the slow learners of our College
  • Encouraging contributions to support the deserving students
  • Increase interest in providing articles for the college magazine
  • To be a responsible mother, sister, daughter, etc., in families