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Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

Exhibition on Historical Monuments on10th September 2015

To impart the knowledge of History and to instill the value of Historical monuments the students of History were divided into groups and they were asked to prepare different project on the Historical Monuments and they exhibited for the college students. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Lt.Dr.A.Amirthavalli M.A, M.Phil, NET, Ph.D, Head and Asst.Prof., Department of History, D.K.M. College Vellore-6. She imparted to the students the care be taken to preserve and maintain the Historical Monuments. She appreciated the team work of the students and their enthusiastic participation. This event became an Inter Collegiate Program. The students from various colleges had a joy of visiting our exhibition.





The monuments that were prepared by Students:

1. Humanyun’s Tomb

2. Qutub-Minar

3. Taj Mahal

4. India Gate

5. Indian Parliament

6. Vellore Fort

7. Tanjore Big Temple

8. Sripuram Golden Temple

9. Miniature of Mahabalipuram

10. Egyptian Pyramid

11. Five lands of Sangam Period

12. Physical features of India

13. Megalithic potteries of South India

14. Collection of Coins and Stamp Collections

15. Emblems of Sangam rulers

16. Asia Map

17. Red Fort