Enviro Club

Group                          : Enviro Club(shift-I)

Staff In-charge        : Mrs. Isabella Roseline

No. of Students       : 90

Motto                           : Green and Clean environment


  • To protect and sustain the environmental                                                        resources
  • To remain Eco-Friendly.
  • Awareness in guarding the nature.
  • Keep the surrounding clean and pollution free.
  • Project the world and leave the world guess enough to the next generation.

Regular Activities (Shift- I)

  • Seminar and Workshop on Mushroom Culture
  • Exhibition
  • Wildlife Week Celebration
  • Naming of the Plants in College Campus
  • Terrace Gardening

Extension                    : Green Audit

Enviro club- shift II

Motto : “Lets go green to get our globe clean”

Regular Activities 

  • July –  Inauguration
  • August –  Pencil Drawing
  • September –  Poster presentation
  • December –  Essay Writing
  • January – Quiz