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New Education Policy

The Christian Society, which has been providing education service for the past 300 years, held a rally on 30th July 2016 opposing the new education policy, 2016.The rally from Holy Cross School, Sathuvachari to the Collectorate was led by Rev. Fr. Soundararajan, Catholic Bishop – Vellore.





The aim of the rally was to show the opposition against the new education policy, which is against the basic structure of the Constitution like Secularism and Pluralism, Federal structure of Governance and insensitive to Minorities and Social Justice.



It tries to introduce some features like, Gurukul system, Vedic system of education, the importance of Sanskrit language, introduction of compulsory Yoga etc. The NEP is against minority educational services and rights.










Their demand was to form a new committee and frame a new education policy that does not affect the rights of minorities.  At the end of the rally a petition was given to the Collector.

Representatives and members of the Christian educational institutions took part in the rally held on Saturday. The sisters, staff members, parents of the students and others from Auxilium college, Gandhi nagar joined the rally to make it a grand success.