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Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8th 2017 by the Kanali Women’s Cell members

Women’s Day March 8th  2017 was celebrated on the theme of  U.N.O    “Be Bold for change”. We, the Kanali Women’s Cell members of Auxilium College, Vellore and the department of Tamil decided to celebrate Women’s advancement in various fields.


MAAMA MARGARET  award was given to Mrs. UMA who has contributed in the field of book publication for the past 25 years. At the age of fifteen, she started as an agent of selling books, gaining knowledge and experience in this field.  Believing in individual identity and sustainability, she started her own publication, Bharathi Book Publication in Vellore. Sr. Amala Samala gave the award and appreciated her contribution and courage for this new venture.

Another programme was also organized for the neighboring women. Women were invited  around our college  for a programme called Nool Virundu’. The idea of this programme was to invite women to read a book and to share their thoughts and opinions regarding the book, enabling them to give positive contribution to the society and family.