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Value Education Orientation on 23rd June 2018

The orientation program on Value Education took place on 23rd June, 2018 at the Conference Hall in the Administrative Block. The session, on the topic ‘Positive Thinking and Positive Affirmation’ was headed by Dr. Fr. Sanjay, Head Dept. of Counselling Psychology, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur.

The session which lasted for 4 hours emphasised on value based aspects that were essential to any human to maintain a sound body and mind at any point of time in life. Imparting such values in students would invariably result in bringing out the best in the young.

The session began at 9:00 am with Dr. Fr. Sanjay highlighting the importance of the Universal Prayer:

Sarvesam Svastir Bhavatu  (May there be happiness in all)

Sarvesam Shantir Bhavatu   (May there be peace in all)

Sarvesam Purnam Bhavatu  (May there be completeness in all)

Sarvesam Mangalam Bhavatu  (May there be success in all)

The origin of this Shanti Mantra is believed to be from the Upanishads and Dr. Fr. Sanjay illustrated to the gathering how chanting this mantra brings peace and harmony to the body and the soul.

I am lovable. The world is beautiful’ should be the golden words repeated by all in order to develop a more self-loving and confident outlook towards life.

Dr. Fr. Sanjay also provided some food for thought in the form of innovative, thought-provoking expansions for the acronyms GAP and ANGER. He encouraged the audience to practice these 3 aspects for spiritual wellbeing –  Gratitude, Appreciation and Pranayamam, along with enlightening them on how each syllable of ‘OM’ benefits different parts of the body.

He defined ANGER as, A – Acknowledgemnt, N – Name it, G – Get it out on a medium, E – Express it and R – Reframe. He believes that this expansion would assist everyone in looking at issues from others’ point of view.

Finally, the orientation concluded with an interactive session on ‘Conflict Management’.