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Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

Staff and Student Orientation from 16-06-2015 to 18-06-2015


The staff orientation programme was organized by the Dynamic Preacher, Rev. Fr. Gnanadass. He elaborated his speech on the question “Do you really enjoy what you do?”.
He also insisted on three factors that occur when we don’t affirm certain things namely:
1. Projection
2. Performer
3. Blaming Personality
He also discussed about the types of generational study and explained in detail.
1920 – 1940 – Silent Generation
1940 – 1960 – Very Booming Generation
1960 – 1980 – X Generation (Hard to label them)
1980 – 2000 – Y Generation (bridging, introduced to Hi-tech generation, Need more of
appreciation or leave me alone (present Youth))
He also insisted on need of every child – Appreciation, Encouragement and Kindness. He told that the children will have their own individuality in whatever they do and as a parent, educator it’s our responsibility to bring out their potential and personal hygiene. Every child needs survival security, love and affection. He also explained the differentiation between open and closed culture. He also told that through body language we can understand the student mentality and parental responsibility which is a must now-a-days to the students.
Finally he concluded by saying that every individual should be observed by their language and mind.
“Celebrate your vision as a Teacher always”

On this day, orientation program for Junior Staff members was conducted and the Resource person Fr. Arokiyadass explained about the preventive system of Education. He also explained about the three things which include the methodology of Preventive system namely reason, religion and loving kindness which is followed by the physical presence. He also stated about the factors which is to be followed by the faculty members to enlighten the knowledge of the students. Parent teacher meeting was also held on this day particularly for the hostel student who came after the semester holidays with their parent. Student’s performances in their previous academic year, problem with student if any, were discussed with the parents.


The Orientation program was held on this day and was attended by the 2nd and 3rd year students of UG and final year students of PG. The orientation ceremony was graced by three prominent speakers namely Fr. Simon, Fr. Prem and Fr. Arokyadass whose speech inspired the students to accept life and to live it to the fullest. Fr. Simon’s talk focused on setting priorities in life. The students were told to be specific about their goals and to see to it that it is attainable and realistic in the future. Fr. Prem’s talk focused on time management. He gave valuable tips on how to become successful in life. Fr. Arokyadass helped the students to realize that acceptance is cure to the problems in life. He also implanted in the students mind, the significance of self confidence.

On this day, seminar on Value Education was conducted to all the staff members who handle Value Education by Sr. Tamizhrasi from Sister’s Home. She delivered the thoughts about the Value Education and how to help the students from the Hi-tech technology without getting addicted to them. She also gave the factors with examples denoting the media which is now spoiling the younger generation. Life is full of moral values, which is to be followed by a gender for fulfillment of life career. She also told that education should be based on values, morality and ethics, so that any individual acquiring these may lead a meaningful life.
Finally she concluded by asking us to write down the 3 most important values we want to teach our students and how can we can do it and asked us to follow this. Next session was handled by Sr. Jeyceli, Dean of Ethics and Religion on how to plan a Value Education class. First she stated the importance of Value Education like Fraternity, Social recognition, Freedom, Positive Thinking, National Security and Self Respect. She also spoke on the types of values like Moral, social and Ethical values. On this same day meeting with Dr. (Sr.) Ugini Fathima Mary, Principal was held and she spoke on responsibility of Educator, Quality of Educator and the methodology of teaching preventive systems. Also she reminded the staff members regarding Unit Test from this academic year.