The College aims at Educating young people, that they may have life and have it to the full, expresses our intention of focusing on what young are searching for at times, without even knowing it.

In an era marked by challenge and delusions, but also by strong signs of hope, a clear and passionate conviction is emerging, that the charism of Don Bosco and Maria Dominica Mazzarello can still respond to young people’s search for meaning. We live our commitment to be signs of foreseeing love of God among young people, while promoting human qualities of peace and justice.

The element that characteristics our Salesian Spirituality is the merciful Fatherhood of God and motherly presense of Mary. Everyday life is seen as the privileged place of meeting with God, living out moral and human values of sharing joy and celebration. Great emphasis is laid on daily Faith formation and value education to train the young to face life with enthusiasm and self-confidence.

The Faith formation programmes, the daily Mass, Rosary, good morning, good night, value education for Christians, yoga, prayer experience, the power of sacramental grace through reconciliation, Bible week celebration; annual retreats are the available means for the students for their spiritual inspiration and growth.

Auxilium College offers opportunities for integral formation for the staff and students. Don Bosco’s characteristic style of education known as the preventive system directs young people towards becoming “good christians and honest citizens”. This goal is sought within the campus, where all participate with different roles and areas of competence. its basic component reason, religion and loving kindness inspire an educative project which responds fully to the needs of the world of youth.

The Salesian assistance a typical expression of preventive system emerges as an indispensable educative need. It is a welcoming, active ; warm hearted, friendly sharing in their lives, their hopes and aspirations. the family atmosphere created where the young people feel they are not only loved but feel they are loved and seeing themselves accepted and understood. they accept the values, the educators propose for them.

Periodic programmes on personality development, counselling, leadership training, career guidance and placement, cultural activities, peer group ministry, human right education, consumer awareness and many other programmes are the means to help the young to grow into active citizens and future of our country India.