Session: F.N.: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

A.N.: 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Date, Day & Session Class Paper Code Title of the Paper Sem
07.04.2016 Thursday F.N. UG UENGB15 / UENGB14/ UENGB11 English Paper – II II
MA English PCENE15 / PCENE13/ PCENE10 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature II
M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAE15 / PCMAE14 Linear Algebra II
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHD15 Organic Reactions and Mechanisms II
M.Sc. Zoology PCZOD15 Physiology and Endocrinology II
M.Sc. Physics PCPHD15 Electromagnetic Theory II
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSF15 / PCCSF14/ PCCSF11 Advanced Database Technology II
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMF15 Television and Video Production II
M.Com. PCCOE15 / PCCOE13 Indirect Taxation Law and Practice II
M.S.W. PCSWE15 / PCSWE12/ PCSWE08 Human Growth and Personality Development II
07.04.2016 Thursday B.A. / B.Sc. ULTAD14 / ULTAD11 Tamil Paper – IV IV
A.N. ULHND13 Hindi Paper – IV IV
ULURD13 Urdu Paper – IV IV
ULFRD10 French Paper – IV IV
B.Com. UCCOH12/ UCCOH09 Financial Accounting – II IV
B.B.A. UCBAI12 Operations Research – II IV
B.C.A. UCCAI12 Computer Organization and Architecture IV



09.04.2016 Saturday B.A. History UCHIK13 / UCHIK08 History of Japan from 1853 to 1990 A.D. VI
F.N. B.A. English UCENL14 An Introduction to Literary Criticism VI
UEENF10 Elective III B: Literary Criticism VI
B.A. English (Func) UEFEF08 Elective III B: Literary Criticism VI
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAL12/ UCMAL08 Linear Algebra VI
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHJ13 / UCCHJ10 / UCCHJ09 Coordination Chemistry VI
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOJ13 / UCZOM10 Biotechnology VI
B.Sc. Physics UCPHJ13 / UCPHJ08 Nuclear Physics VI
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCJ13 / UCBCJ10 Molecular Biology VI
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSN14/ UCCSM08 Java Programming VI
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBJ15 / UCMBJ12/ UCMBJ10/ UCMBJ08 Medical Virology and Parasitology VI
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCN11 Media Laws, Regulations and Ethics VI
B.Com. UCCOO12/ UCCOQ09 Corporate Accounting – II VI
B.B.A. UCBAR12/ UCBAR10 Legal Aspects of Business VI
B.C.A. UCCAQ14/ UCCAQ13 / UCCAQ08 Java Programming VI
MA English PCENM14/ PCENM10 Twentieth Century Literature IV
M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAM14/ PCMAM10 Functional Analysis IV
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHM12 Natural Products and Bioorganic Chemistry IV
M.Sc. Zoology PCZOL13 Research Methodology IV
M.Sc. Physics PCPHL14 Material Science and Laser Physics IV
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSR14 Soft Computing IV
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMP14 Electronic Media Management IV
M.Com. PCCOM13 Financial Management IV
M.S.W. PSCDC12/ PSCDC08 Specialization I C: Urban Community Development IV
PSHRC12 Specialization II C: Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations IV
PSMSC12 Specialization III C: Rehabilitation Strategies and Techniques IV
PSHRA10 Specialization II A: Labour Legislations III
09.04.2016 Saturday A.N. UG ULTAB15 / ULTAB14/ ULTAB11 Tamil Paper – II II
ULHNB15/ ULHNB13 Hindi Paper – II II
ULURB15 Urdu Paper – II II
ULFRB15 / ULFRB10 French Paper – II II
11.04.2016 Monday F.N. UG UENGD15 / UENGD11/ UENGD10 English Paper – IV IV
B.Com. UCCOI12/ UCCOI09 Methods of Cost Accounting IV
B.B.A. UCBAJ12 Research Methodology IV
B.C.A. UCCAK12/ UCCAK08 Statistical and Numerical Methods IV
MA English PCENF15/ PCENF13/ PCENB10 American Literature II
M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAF15/ PCMAF14 Real Analysis – II II
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHE15/ PCCHE12 Advanced Coordination Chemistry II
M.Sc. Zoology PCZOE15 Developmental Biology and Immunology II
M.Sc. Physics PCPHE15 Spectroscopy II
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSG15/ PCCSG14 Mobile Communications II
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMG15 Radio and Audio Production II
M.Com. PCCOF15 Direct Taxation – II II
M.B.A. PCBAG15/ PCBAG14 Production and Operations Management II
M.S.W. PCSWF15 Social Work Research II
11.04.2016 Monday B.A. History UCHIL13 The History of United States of America from 1776 to 1900 A.D. VI
A.N. B.A. English UCENM14 Linguistics VI
UEENC12/ UEENC10/ UEENC08 Elective II A: Linguistics VI
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAM12/ UCMAM08 Real Analysis – II VI
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHK13/ UCCHK09 Electro Chemistry VI
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOK13 Environmental Biology VI
UCZON10 Immunology VI
B.Sc. Physics UCPHK13/ UCPHK08 Relativity and Quantum Mechanics VI
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCK13 Clinical Biochemistry VI
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSO14/ UCCSN08 Operating Systems VI
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBK15/ UCMBK12/ UCMBK08 Molecular Biology and rDNA Technology VI
B.Com. UCCOP12/ UCCOO09 Management Accounting – II VI
B.B.A. UCBAS12/ UCBAS10 International Business VI
B.C.A. UCCAR14/ UCCAR13/ UCCAR08 Operating Systems VI


12.04.2016 Tuesday F.N. B.A. History UCHIC15 / UCHIC13/ UCHIC08 History of India from 1707 to 1858 A.D. II
B.A. English UCENC15 Elizabethan Literature II
UCENC12/ UCENC10 English Poetry II
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAC15 Vector Analysis and Fourier Series II
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHB15 General Chemistry – II II
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOB15/ UCZOB13 Chordata II
B.Sc. Physics UCPHB15 / UCPHB13 Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics II
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCB15 / UCBCB13/ UCBCB10 Cell Biology II
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSC15 / UCCSC11 Digital Logic and Microprocessor II
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBB15/ UCMBB12 Microbial Physiology II
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCC15 / UCVCC14 Basic Photography II
UCVCC11 Photography II
B.Com. UCCOD15/ UCCOD12/ UCCOD10/ UCCOD08 Business Economics – II II
B.B.A. UCBAC15/ UCBAC12 Organizational Behavior II
B.C.A. UCCAI10 Digital Logic and Microprocessor IV
MA English PCENN14 Shakespeare Studies IV
PCENH10 Shakespeare II
M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAN14 Numerical Analysis IV
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHN12 Solid State Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry IV
M.Sc. Zoology PCZOM13 Applied Entomology IV
M.Sc. Physics PCPHM14 Research Methodology & Computer Programming IV
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMQ14 Development Communication IV
M.Com. PCCON13 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws IV
M.B.A. PCBAA15 Management Process I



12.04.2016 Tuesday B.A. History UCHIF13 An Outline History of Tamil Nadu From 1565 to 1987 A.D. IV
A.N. B.A. English UCENG13 English Fiction IV
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAG12 Number Theory IV
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHE13/ UCCHE10 / UCCHE09 General Chemistry – IV IV
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOE13 Genetics and Evolution IV
UCZOG10 Environmental Biology and Evolution IV
B.Sc. Physics UCPHE13 Optics IV
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCE13/ UCBCE10 Physiology IV
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSH14/ UCCSH13 Data Structures and Algorithms IV
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBE15 Immunology and Microbial Genetics – II IV
UCMBE12 Microbial Genetics IV
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCG14 / UCVCG11 Media, Culture and Society IV
B.Com. UCCOJ12 / UCCOJ09 Law of Contracts – II IV
B.B.A. UCBAK12 Human Resource Management and Development IV
B.C.A. UCCAE13/ UCCAE10 Data Structures and Algorithms III
13.04.2016 B.A. History USHIC613 SBE: Archives Keeping in India VI
Wednesday 9 – 11 a.m. B.A. English USEND614 SBE: Language Skills for Competitive Examinations VI
B.Sc. Mathematics USMAE615 SBE: Mathematics for Competitive Examinations – II VI
USMAE512 SBE: Mathematics for Competitive Examinations V
B.Sc. Chemistry USCHD613/ USCHD612 SBE: Food Chemistry VI
B.Sc. Zoology USZOD613 SBE: Animal Behaviour VI
B.Sc. Physics USPHD613 SBE: Mobile Communications VI
B.Sc. Biochemistry USBCD613 SBE: Medical Laboratory Technology VI
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. & USCSE614 SBE: Introduction to WAP and WML VI
B.C.A. USCSF614 SBE: Scripting Languages VI
UCCSG613/ USCSG614 SBE: PC Hardware and Trouble Shooting VI
B.Sc. Microbiology USMBC615 SBE: Laboratory Animal Care VI
USMBD615 SBE: Haematology and Blood Banking VI
B.Sc. Vis. Com. USCME611 SBE: Print and Publication VI
B.Com. USCOD615 SBE: Consumer Guide and Empowerment VI
B.B.A. USBAC612/ USBAC610 SBE: Hospital Planning and Administration VI
USBAD612 SBE: Hotel Planning and Administration VI


13.04.2016 UG USENB108 SBE: English for Everyday Usage I
Thursday USENB115/ USENB215 SBE: Everyday English I II
12.00 noon- 2.00 p.m. USENE115/ USENE215 SBE: Effective English I II
USNCA115 / USNCA113 SBE: NCC – Organisational Training I
USBCB215 / USBCB213/ USBCB313/ USBCB413 SBE: Health Care for Women II II III IV
USCMB313/ USCMB413 SBE: Photography III IV
USCSC313/ USCSC413 SBE: Internet Basics III IV
USCSD412 SBE: Photoshop IV
USMAB415 SBE: Data Interpretation IV
13.04.2016 Wednesday 3 – 5 p.m. UG USBAA115/ USBAA215 / USBAA212/ USBAA414 SBE: Lifestyle Management I II II IV
USCSB215 SBE: Multimedia Using Flash II
USCOA112 SBE: Guide to Consumers I
USCOA215 SBE: Consumer Awareness II
USPEA115 / USPEA314 SBE: Yoga – I I III
USTAA215 SBE: Textiles and Dress Designing II
USZOB113/ USZOB115 / USZOB215/ USZOB208 SBE: Public Health and Hygiene I II II II
USCHB311/ USCHB411 SBE: Medicinal Chemistry III IV
13.04.2016 Wednesday MA English PCENG15/ PCENF10 Literary Criticism II
F.N. M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAG15 Complex Analysis – II II
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHF15/ PCCHF12 Group Theory and Quantum Chemistry II
M.Sc. Zoology PCZOF15/ PCZOF13 Evolution II
M.Sc. Physics PEPHC15 Elective II A: Fiber Optics & Non-linear Optics II
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSH15/ PCCSH14 ASP.NET Programming II
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMH15 Media Ethics II
M.Com. PCCOG15/ PCCOG13 Research Methodology II
M.B.A. PCBAH15/ PCBAH14 Marketing Management II
M.S.W. PCSWG15 Community Organization and Social Action II
15.04.2016 Friday B.A. History UCHIM13 / UCHIM08 Archaeology – II VI
F.N. B.A. English UEENC14 Elective II A: Women’s Writing VI
UCENM10 Women’s Writing VI
B.Sc. Mathematics UEMAC14 Elective II A: Object Oriented Programming with C++ VI
B.Sc. Chemistry UECHC13/ UECHC10 / UECHC09 / UECHC08 Elective II A: Chemistry of Natural Products VI
B.Sc. Zoology UEZOC13/ UEZOC10 Elective II A: Medical Laboratory Techniques VI
B.Sc. Physics UEPHC13 Elective II A: Digital Electronics VI
UEPHC08 Elective II A: Applied Electronics VI
B.Sc. Biochemistry UEBCC13 Elective II A: Biotechnology VI
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UECSC14 / UECSC13 Elective II A: Software Testing VI
UECSD14 Elective II B: Cyber Security and Cyber Laws VI
UECSE14 Elective II C: Data Mining and Warehousing VI
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCO11 Media Management VI
B.Sc. Microbiology UEMBD15 Elective II B: Marine Microbiology VI
UEMBD08 Elective II B: Industrial and Pharmaceutical Microbiology VI
B.Com. UCCOQ12/ UCCOP09 Income Tax – Law and Practice – II VI
B.B.A. UEBAE12 Elective III A: Entrepreneurial Development VI
UCBAT10 Entrepreneurial Development VI
B.C.A. UECAC14 Elective II A: Software Testing VI
UECAD14/ UECAD13 Elective II B: Cyber Security and Cyber Laws VI
UECAE14/ Elective II C: Data Mining and Warehousing VI
UECAE13/ UECAE08 Elective III A Internet Technology: VI
UCCAO11 Visual Basic V
MA English PCENO14 English Language Teaching IV
PCENN10 History of Ideas IV
M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAO14 Mathematical Statistics IV
M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHO12 Thermodynamics IV
M.Sc. Zoology PCZON13 Bio Diversity and Wild Life Conservation IV
M.Sc. Physics PCPHN14 Microprocessor – II IV
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSS14 Digital Image Processing IV
M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMR14 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication IV
M.Com. PECOG13 Elective IV A: Business Environment IV
M.B.A. PCBAI15/ PCBAI14 Human Resource Management II
M.S.W. PSCDD12 Specialization I D: Entrepreneurship Development IV
PSHRD12 Specialization II D: Organizational Behaviour IV
PSMSD12 Specialization III D: Psychiatric Social Work IV
15.04.2016 Friday B.A. History UATMB15/ UATMB13 Allied II: Tourism – II II
A.N. B.A. English UASHE15/ UASHE14 Allied II: The Social History of England II
UASLD10 Allied IV: The Social History of England IV
B.A. English (Func) UEFEC11 Elective II A: The Socio-Literary Development in England VI
B.Sc. Mathematics UAPHB15/ UBPHB13 Allied II: Physics – II II
B.Sc. Chemistry UAPHB413/ UAPHB411 Allied IV: Physics – II IV
B.Sc. Zoology UACHB15 Allied II: Chemistry – II II
B.Sc. Physics UACHB412 Allied IV: Chemistry – II IV
B.Sc. Biochemistry UACHB15 Allied I1: Chemistry – II II
B.Sc. Zoology/ Biochemistry UACHB12 / UACHB09 Allied I1: Chemistry – II II
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UANAB12 Allied IV: Numerical Analysis – II IV
B.Sc. Microbiology UABCB15/ UABCB13 / UABCB10 Allied II: Biochemistry – II II
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UABAA15/ UABAA14 / UABAA11 Allied II: Basics in Advertising II
B.Com. UASOR15 / UASOR12 / UASOR08 Allied II: Statistics and Operations Research II
B.B.A. UABEA15 Allied II: Business Environment and Ethics II
B.C.A. UAAFB15/ UAAFB13 Allied II: Accounting Fundamentals – II II
UAFAB10 Allied II: Financial Accounting – II II
16.04.2016 Saturday 9 – 11 a.m. UG USCHA115/ USCHA215/ USCHA211 SBE: Entrepreneurial Chemistry I I II
USCMA114/ USCMA214 SBE: Film Appreciation I II
USCSA115/ USCSA215 / USCSA212 SBE: Introduction to Information Technology I II II
USHIA215/ USHIA208 SBE: Tourism and Travel Formalities II
USPBD314 SBE: Edible Mushroom Cultivation III
USHNA215 SBE: Conversational Hindi II
USCOC313 / USCOC413 SBE: Practical Banking III IV
USMBA215 / USMBA212 / USMBA415 SBE: Herbal Therapy II II IV
USTAC415 SBE: Advanced Translation IV
16.04.2016 Saturday 12 – 2 p.m. UG USMAA115/ USMAA215 / USMAA212 / USMAA108 SBE: Quantitative Aptitude I II II I
USMBB115 / USMBB215 / USMBB315/ USMBB415/ USMBB112 / USMBB412 SBE: Infectious Disease and Control I II III IV I IV
USNCB215 SBE: NCC: Disaster Management II
USPBC410 SBE: Horticulture IV
USBAB215/ USBAB414 SBE: Winning Through Communication II IV
USENA412 SBE: English for Competitive Examinations IV
USSOA313/ USSOA413 SBE: Developmental Psychology III IV
16.04.2016 Saturday 3 – 5 p.m. UG USTAB315/ USTAB415 SBE: Translation III
USMAC415/ USMAC412 SBE: Statistics for Everyday Life IV
USZOA308 / USZOA313/ USZOA413 SBE: Sericulture III III IV
USPHA215 / USPHA111/ USPHA211/ USPHA213 SBE: Everyday Physics II I II II
USPHA308 SBE: Electrical Appliances III
USPHB113/ USPHB213/ USPHB313/ USPHB413/ SBE: Home Appliances I II III IV
USBCA215/ USBCA113/ USBCA213/ USBCA313/ USBCA413 / USBCA412 SBE: Nutrition Education II IV I II III IV




16.04.2016 MA English PCENH15/ Applied Linguistics II
Saturday PCENG10 Language and Linguistics II
F.N. M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAH15/ PCMAH14 Mechanics II
M.Sc. Chemistry PECHC15/ PECHC12 Elective II A: Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
M.Sc. Zoology PEZOC15 Elective II A: Biochemistry II
M.Sc. Physics PCPHF15 Quantum Mechanics – II II
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSI15 / PCCSI14 Principles of Compiler Design II
PCCSI11 Distributed Operating System II
M.Sc. Ele. Media PEEMC15 Elective – II A: Inter-Cultural Communication II
M.Com. PCCOH15 Foreign Trade and Exchange II
PCCOH12 Applied Business Statistics II
M.B.A. PCBAB15 Organizational Behavior I
M.S.W. PESWC15 Elective II A: Social Policy & Social Legislation II
18.04.2016 Monday B.A. History UEHIE13 Elective III A: Geography of India VI
F.N. B.A. English UEENE14 Elective III A: Commonwealth Literature VI
UCENL10 Commonwealth Literature VI
B.A. English (Func) UCFEL08 Commonwealth Literature VI
B.Sc. Mathematics UEMAE12 Elective III A: Operations Research VI
B.Sc. Chemistry UECHF13/ UECHF10 Elective III B: Pharmaceutical Chemistry VI
B.Sc. Zoology UEZOE13/ UEZOE10 Elective III A: Microbiology VI
B.Sc. Physics UEPHE13 Elective III A: Microprocessor 8085 VI
B.Sc. Biochemistry UEBCE13/ UEBCE10/ UEBCE08 Elective III A: Pharmacology VI
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UECSF14 Elective III A: Computer Graphics VI
B.Sc. Microbiology UEMBE15 Elective III A: Clinical Microbiology VI
UEMBE12 Elective III A: Cell Biology VI
UEMBE08 Elective III A: Microbiologial Techniques VI
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UEVCC11 Elective II A: Human Communications VI
B.Com. UECOC615 Elective II: Banking – Law and Practice VI
UCCOK09 Banking – Theory, Law and Practice IV
B.B.A. UCBAL614/ UCBAL612 / UCBAL514/ UCBAL512/ UCBAL609 Fundamentals of Information Technology VI
B.C.A. UECAF14/ UECAD13 Elective III A: Computer Graphics VI
18.04.2016 MA English PEENH14 Elective IV B: Translation Studies IV
Monday F.N. PEENG10 Elective IV A: Literature: Analysis, Approaches and Applications IV
M.Sc. Mathematics PEMAI14 Elective IV A: Programming with Java IV
M.Sc. Chemistry PECHG12 Elective IV A: Organometallic and Bioinorganic Chemistry IV
M.Sc. Zoology PEZOG13 Elective IV A: Fishery Biology IV
M.Sc. Physics PEPHG14 Elective IV A: Crystal Growth and Thin Films IV
M.Sc. Ele. Media PEEMG14 Elective IV A: Web Designing IV
M.B.A. PCBAJ15/ PCBAJ14 Financial Management II
M.S.W. PESWG12 Elective IV A: Administration of Service Organizations IV
18.04.2016 Monday B.A. History UCHID15/ UCHID13 · History of India from 1858 to 1950 A.D. II
A.N. B.A. English UCEND15 · Neo-Classical Literature II
UCEND12/ UCEND10 The English Essay II
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAD15 · Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms II
UCMAD12/ UCMAD08 Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series II
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSE14/ UCCSE10 Object Oriented Programming With C++ III
B.Com. UCCOC15/ UCCOC12 · Principles of Accounting – II II
B.B.A. UCBAD15/ UCBAD12/ UCBAD08 Business Mathematics and Statistics – II II
B.C.A. UCCAJ14/ UCCAJ10 Object Oriented Programming with C++ IV
20.04.2016 Wednesday UG UNEVS13 / UNEVS10 Environment Studies (9.00 a.m. to 11 .00 a.m.) IV
F.N. PG PNHRA15 / PNHRA12/ PSBAD15/ PSBAD14 Human Rights II
20.04.2016 B.A. History USHIB508 SBE: Local Self Government in India V
Wednesday 12.00 – 2 pm B.Sc. Chemistry USCHC513/ USCHC510 SBE: Small Scale Chemistry V
B.Sc. Zoology USZOC513 SBE: Ornamental Fish keeping V
B.Sc. Biochemistry USBCC513 SBE: Dietetics V
B.Com. USCOE512/ USCOE612 SBE: Skills for Professional Excellence V VI
20.04.2016 Wednesday UG UVCDA12/ UVCDA08 Christian Doctrine VI
3 – 5 p.m. UVEDA12/ UVEDA10 Value Education VI
21.04.2016 B.A. History UASSP13 Allied IV: Social Structure and Social Process IV
Thursday B.A. English UAHLB14 Allied IV: The History of English Literature- II IV
F.N. UAHLB10 / UAHLB08 Allied II: The History of English Literature- II II
B.Sc. Mathematics UAMSB12 Allied IV: Mathematical Statistics – II IV
B.Sc. Chemistry UBMAB15/ UBMAB12 Optional Allied II: Mathematics – II II
UBPBB15/ UBPBB10 Optional Allied II: Plant Biology – II II
B.Sc. Zoology UAPBB14 Allied III: Plant Biology – II (9 to 11 am) IV
B.Sc. Physics UAMAB15 Allied II: Mathematics – II II
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UAMAB15 Allied II: Mathematics – II II
B.Sc. Physics/ Comp. Sc. UAMAB12/ UAMAB08 Allied II: Mathematics – II II
B.Sc. Biochemistry UAMBB15/ UAMBB12/ UAMBB10 Allied IV: Microbiology – II IV
B.Sc. Microbiology UABSB12 / UABSB08 Allied IV: Biostatistics – II IV
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UAJLA14 Allied IV: Journalism IV
UAJLA11 Allied I: Journalism I
B.Com. UAITA12/ UAITA10 Allied IV: International Trade IV
B.B.A. UCBAH12/ UCBAH10 Management Accounting IV
B.C.A. UAMGA10 Allied IV: Management Accounting IV
MA English PCENI14 / PCENI10 Romantic and Victorian Age III
M.B.A. PCBAC15 Accounting for Management I
PCBAO14 Logistics and Supply Chain Management IV


21.04.2016 UG UGBAA612 NME: Human Resource Management VI
Thursday A.N. UGBCB613/ UGBCB513 / UGBCB612/ UGBCB512 NME: Therapeutic Agents VI
UGCHA611/ UGCHA511 NME: Food and Nutrition Chemistry VI
UGECA612/ UGECA512 NME: General Economics VI
UGENA614 NME: Soft Skills and Personality Development VI
UGMBB615/ UGMBB512 NME: Environment Microbiology VI
22.04.2016 Saturday F.N. UG UGCOA515/ UGCOA615/ UGCOA512 NME: Book Keeping and Accounting VI
UGCSA614/ UGCSC608 NME: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) VI
UGMBA515/ UGMBA615/ UGMBA612 NME: Basics of Microbiology VI
UGPHA513/ UGPHA613 NME: Fundamentals of Physics VI
UGPHA608 NME: Principles of Physics VI
MA English PEENC15/ PEENC13 Elective II A: Post Colonial Literature II
PEEND10 Elective II B: Post Colonial Literature II
M.Sc. Mathematics PEMAC15/ PEMAC14 Elective II A: Integral Equations and Partial Differential Equations II
M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PECSC15 / PECSC14 Elective II A: Software Project Management II
PECSC11 Elective II A: Embedded Systems II
M.Com. PECOC15 Elective II A: Global Marketing II
M.B.A. PCBAK15 / PCBAE14 Applied Operation Research for Management II I
22.04.2016 Friday A.N. UG UGBCA613/ UGBCA513/ UGBCA612 NME: Diseases and Treatment VI
UGCMA515/ UGCMA615 NME: Film Appreciation VI
UGCMA511/ UGCMA611 NME: Women and Media
UGMAA515 / UGMAA615 NME: Mathematics for Competitive Examinations VI
UGMAA612/ UGMAA608 NME: Discrete Mathematics VI
UGPBA608 NME: Edible Mushroom Cultivation VI
UGZOA613 NME: Maternal and Child Psychology VI
23.04.2016 Friday B.A. History UCHIG13/ UCHIG08 Contemporary India from 1950 to 1990 A.D. IV
F.N. B.A. English UCENH13/ UCENH10 American Literature IV
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHG13 Inorganic Chemistry V
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOI13 Biostatistics V
UCZOK10 Bio-Statistics and Bioinstrumentation V
B.Sc. Physics UCPHG08 Electricity and Magnetism V
UCPHI08 Basic Electronics V
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCG13 Enzymes V
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UANAA12 Allied III: Numerical Analysis – I III
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBH15 Food, Dairy and Industrial Microbiology V
B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCE14 Television Production III
UASWA14/ UASWA11 Allied III: Script Writing III
B.Com. UCCOK12/ UCCOL08 Marketing IV
B.C.A. UCCAC15/ UCCAC12/ UCCAC08 Mathematical Foundations – II II
MA English PCENC15/ PCENC13 Indian Literature in English I
PEENF10 Elective III B: Translation Studies III
M.B.A. PCBAD15 Economics for Management I
PCBAP14 Business Ethics IV
23.04.2016 Saturday UG UGCHB611/ UGCHB511 NME: Occupational Health VI
A.N. UGCSB614 NME: Web Designing using Dream Weaver VI
UGHIA613 NME: Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business VI
UGNCA513 NME: Techniques and Service Activities V
UGTAB614 NME: Tamil – II VI
B.A. / B.Sc. ULTAC14 / ULTAC11 Tamil Paper – III III
ULHNC13 Hindi Paper – III III


25.04.2016 Monday F.N. B.A. History UCHIB15/ UCHIB13/ UCHIB08 Main Currents in Indian History from 1526 to 1707 A.D. I
B.A. English UAHLA10 Allied I: History of English Literature – I I
UAHEL08 Allied I: History of English Literature I
UAHLA14 Allied III: History of English Literature – I III
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAH12/ UCMAH08 Dynamics IV
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHB13/ UCCHB10 / UCCHB09 General Chemistry – II II
B.Sc. Zoology/ Biochemistry UACHA15/ UACHA12 Allied I: Chemistry – I I
B.Sc. Physics UACHA312 Allied III: Chemistry – I III
B.Sc. Physics UEPHA08 Elective I A: Solid State Physics V
B.Sc. Microbiology UABCA15/ UABCA13/ UABCA10 Allied I: Biochemistry – I I
B.Com. UECOD614/ UECOD514/ UECOD609 Elective III: E-Commerce and Tally VI
B.B.A. UCBAM614 E-Commerce and Tally VI
UCBAA15 Principles of Management I
B.C.A. UCCAA15/ UCCAA12/ UCCAA08 Mathematical Foundations – I I
M.A. English PEENE14 Elective III B: Literature: Analysis, Approaches and Applications III
M.B.A. PCBAL15/ PCBAL14 Cross Cultural Management II
26.04.2016 Tuesday F.N. UG ULTAA15 / ULTAA14/ ULTAA11 Tamil Paper – I I
ULHNA15/ ULHNA13 Hindi Paper – I I
B.A. English UCENE13 Children’s Literature III
B.A. English (Func) UCFEK11 Literary Forms and Literary Terms V
B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAJ12 Real Analysis – I V
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHH13 Organic Chemistry V
B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UECSA14 Elective I A: Software Engineering V
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBD12 Immunology III
B.Com. UCCOE12 Financial Accounting – I III
B.B.A. UCBAG12 Operations Research – I III
B.C.A. UECAA14 Elective I A: Software Engineering V
PG PGTRA15 Teaching and Research Aptitude III
M.B.A. PCBAF15 Management Information Systems I
PEHRC14 Elective I C: Industrial Relations IV


27.04.2016 B.A. History UAPSA13 Allied III: Principles of Sociology III
Wednesday B.A. English UCENI14 Shakespeare V
F.N. B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAK12/ UCMAK08 Complex Analysis V
B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHI13 Physical Chemistry V
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOE10 Cell Biology and Genetics III
B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCH13 Intermediary Metabolism V
B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBI15 Microbial Ecology and Soil Microbiology V
B.Com. UCCOF12 Principles of Cost Accounting III
B.C.A. UCCAN14 Resource Management Techniques V
M.B.A. PCBAE15/ PCBAK14 Business Research Methods I II
28.04.2016 B.A. History UCHII13 History of Civilization (Excluding India) V
Thursday B.A. English UCENJ14 Modern Age V
F.N. B.Sc. Mathematics UAPHA15 Allied I: Physics – I I
B.Sc. Chemistry UAPHA313 Allied III: Physics – I III
B.Sc. Zoology UCZOJ10 Physiology V
B.Sc. Biochemistry UEBCA13 Elective I A: Immunology V
B.Sc. Microbiology UEMBA15 Elective – I A: Fundamentals of Cell Biology V
B.Com. UECOA12/ UECOA09 Elective I A: Principles of Management III
B.C.A. UAFAA10 Allied I: Financial Accounting – I I
M.B.A. PEFNC14 Elective II C: Risk Management and Derivatives IV
PEMKC14 Elective III C: Advertising and Sales Promotion IV
PESSC14 Elective IV C: Decision Support and Data Warehouse IV
29.04.2016 B.A. History UCHIJ13 Archaeology – I V
Friday F.N. B.A. English UCENK14/ UCENK12 The English Language V
B.Sc. Chemistry UECHA13 Elective I A: Analytical Chemistry V
B.Sc. Mathematics UEMAA14 Elective – I: Programming in C V
B.Com. UCCOL12 Corporate Accounting – I V
B.C.A. UCCAG12 Statistical Methods III
M.B.A. PSBAK14 Self-Study: Emotional Intelligence Management IV


30.04.2016 Saturday B.A. History UEHIA13/ Elective – I A: History of Modern Asia from 1900 to 2000 A.D. III
F.N. UEHIA08 Elective – I A: Historiography III
B.A. English UEENA14 Elective I A: Theatre and Dramaturgy V
B.Com. UCCOM12 Management Accounting – I V
B.C.A. UACAA10 Allied III: Cost Accounting III
M.B.A. PSBAL15 Self-Study: Work-Life Balance Management IV
PSBAJ14 Self-Study: Cyber Crimes and Laws IV
02.05.2016 Monday F.N. B.Com. UAIEA12/ UAIEA10 Allied III: Indian Economy III
03.05.2016 Tuesday F.N. B.Com. UCCOB15/ UCCOB12/ UCCOB08 Business Economics – I I