Research Cell


Lecture Workshop on Enhancing Quality Research in Higher Education

 A Lecture workshop was organized by the Research cell on the topic “Enhancing Quality Research in Higher Education”  for the PG and M.Phil students of the various courses of Auxilium college. The session began at 8.30 a.m with these eminent personalities giving a Resource talk addressing the students assembled in the Auditorium.

The resource persons were Dr. Jayanthi, Dr. Jothilakshmi, Dr.John Paul .

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Dr. Jayanthi spoke to the student on the various facilities for women and of the need for women to pursue  further studies Dr.John Paul enlightened them on the importance of speaking English and of the urge to learn that is most important for self motivation.                           R. Jothilakshmi gave general information on women empowerment.the students were then split accordingly to various smart rooms for their respective sessions and for the resource talk by eminent persons related to the field. The details of the following session is as followed and the corresponding feedback from students is also presented. The sessions ended at 11.30 am with a whole lot of PG and M.Phil students satisfied with the motivation and inspiration to pursue research in their respective fields.