AUXILIUM COLLEGE (Autonomous), Vellore – 6



Session: F.N.: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.                                              A.N.: 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.



Date & Session Class

Paper Code

Title of the Paper Sem
10.10.2015 F.N. UG UENGD11 English Paper – IV IV
17.10.2015 F.N. UG UENGB14 / UENGB11 English Paper – II II
30.10.2015 F.N. UG UENGA15 / UENGA14/ UENGA11 English Paper – I 1


  MA English PCENI14 / PCENI10 Romantic and Victorian Age III
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAI14/ PCMAI10 Topology III
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHJ12 Synthetic Organic Chemistry III
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOI13 Environmental Biology III
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHI14 Solid State Physics III
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSL14 Open Source Technology III
  M.Sc. E. Media PCEMK14 Film Studies III
  M.Com. PCCOI13 Advanced Cost and Management Accounting III
    PCCOI09 Advanced Corporate Accounting III
  M.B.A. PCBAM14 Legal Aspects of Business III
  M.S.W. PSCDA12 Specialization I A: Rural Community Development III
    PSHRA12 Specialization II A: Labour Legislations III
    PSMSA12 Specialization III A: Medical Social Work III
30.10.2015 A.N. B.A. / B.Sc. ULTAC11 / ULTAC14 Tamil Paper – III III
    ULHNC13 Hindi Paper – III III
    ULURC13 Urdu Paper – III III
    ULFRC10 French Paper – III III
  B.Com. UCCOE12/ UCCOE09 Financial Accounting – I III
  B.B.A. UCBAE12 Marketing Management III
  B.C.A. UCCAE13/ UCCAE10/ UCCAE09 Data Structures and Algorithms III


31.10.2015  B.A. History UCHIH13 History of Europe from 1789 to 1945 A.D. V
F.N. B.A. English UCENI14/ UCENI10 Shakespeare V
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAI12/ UCMAI08 Abstract Algebra V
  B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHG13/ UCCHG10 Inorganic Chemistry V
  B.Sc. Zoology UCZOG13 Developmental Biology and Immunology V
    UCZOI10 Developmental Biology V
  B.Sc. Physics UCPHG13/ UCPHG08 Electricity and Magnetism V
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCG13 Enzymes V
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSJ14 Relational Database Management Systems V
  B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBG15/ UCMBG12/ UCMBG08 Medical Bacteriology and Mycology V
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCI11 Media Research Orientation V
  B.Com. UCCOL12/ UCCON09 Corporate Accounting – I V
  B.B.A. UCBAO12 Production and Materials Management V
  B.C.A. UCCAM14 Relational Database Management Systems V
  M.A. English PCENA15/ PCENA13 PCENA10 Chaucer and Elizabethan Age I
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAA15 Modern Algebra I
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHA15 Stereo Chemistry and Conformational Analysis I
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOA15 Phylogeny of Invertebrates and Chordates I
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHA15 Mathematical Physics I
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSA15/ PCCSA14 Advanced Java Programming I
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMA15 Mass  Communication and Journalism I
  M.Com. PCCOA15 Advanced Corporate Accounting I
    PCCOA09 Advanced Management Accounting 1
  M.B.A. PCBAN14 Strategic Management III
  M.S.W. PCSWA15 Introduction to Social Work and Sociology I
31.10.2015 A.N. UG ULTAA15 / ULTAA14/ ULTAA11 Tamil Paper – I I
    ULHNA15/ ULHNA13 Hindi Paper – I I
    ULURA15 Urdu Paper – I I
    ULFRA15 French Paper – I I


02.11.2015 B.A. History UCHII13 History of Civilization (Excluding India) V
F.N. B.A. English UCENJ14/ UCENJ10 Modern Age V
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAJ12/ UCMAJ08 Real Analysis – I V
  B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHH13/ UCCHH10 Organic Chemistry V
  B.Sc. Zoology UCZOH13/ UCZOJ10 Physiology V
  B.Sc. Physics UCPHH13/ UCPHH08 Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy V
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCH13 Intermediary Metabolism V
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSK14 Computer Architecture V
  B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBH15 Food, Dairy and Industrial Microbiology V
  B.Com. UCCOM12/ UCCOL09 Management Accounting -I V


Industrial Relations V
  B.C.A. UCCAN14 Resource Management Techniques V
  M.A. English PCENJ14 Women’s Writing III
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAJ14/ PCMAJ10 Graph Theory III
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHK12 Molecular Spectroscopy III
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOJ13 Limnology and Toxicology III
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHJ14 Nuclear and Particle Physics III
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSM14 Network Security and Cryptography III
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEML14 Communication Research Methods III
  M.Com. PCCOJ13 Services Marketing III


Financial Management



Elective I A: Compensation and Reward Management

  M.S.W. PSCDB12 Specialization I B: Development Planning III
    PSHRB12 Specialization II B: Human Resources Management III
    PSMSB12 Specialization III B: Introduction to Psychiatry and Mental Health III
02.11.2015 A.N. B.A. / B.Sc. UENGC15 / UENGC11 / UENGC08 English Paper – III III
  B.Com. UCCOF12 / UCCOF09 Principles of Cost Accounting III
  B.B.A. UCBAF15/ UCBAF12 Financial Accounting III
  B.C.A. UCCAA15/ UCCAA12 Mathematical Foundations – I I


03.11.2015 F.N. B.A. History UCHIA15/ UCHIA13 Main Currents in Indian History from Early Times to 1526 A.D. I
  B.A. English UCENB15 Phonetics and Language Structures I
    UCENB12 The English Short Story I
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAA15/ UCMAA12 Algebra and Trigonometry I
  B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHA15/ UCCHA13 General Chemistry – I I
  B.Sc. Zoology UCZOA15/ UCZOA13 Invertebrata I
  B.Sc. Physics UCPHA15/ UCPHA13 Properties of Matter and Acoustics I
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCA15/ UCBCA13 Bio Organic Chemistry I
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSA15/ UCCSA14/ UCCSA11 Programming in C             I
  B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBA15 Fundamentals of Microbiology I
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCA15/ UCVCA14/ UCVCA11 Introduction to Visual Communication I
  B.Com. UCCOA15/ UCCOA12 Principles of Accounting – I I
  B.B.A. UCBAA15 Principles of Management I
  B.C.A. UCCAF14/ UCCAF11 Programming in C III
  M.A. English PCENB15/ PCENB13 Classics in World Literature I
    PCENB10 American Literature I
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAB15 Real Analysis – I I
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHB15 Structural Inorganic Chemistry I
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOB15 Molecular Biology and Genetics I
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHB15 Classical Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics I
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSB15/ PCCSB14 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMB15 Broadcasting in India I
  M.Com. PCCOB15/ PCCOB09 Direct Taxation – I I
  M.S.W. PCSWB15 Social Case Work I



03.11.2015 B.A. History UCHIJ13 Archaeology – I V
A.N. B.A. English UCENK14/ UCENK12 The English Language V
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAK12/ UCMAK08 Complex Analysis V
  B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHI13 Physical Chemistry V
  B.Sc. Zoology UCZOI13 Bio-Statistics V
    UCZOK10 Bio-Statistics and Bioinstrumentation V
  B.Sc. Physics UCPHI13/ UCPHI08 Basic Electronics V
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCI13/ UCBCI10 Endocrinology V
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSL14 Data Communication and Networking V
    UECSA12 Elective – I A: Data Communication and Networking V
  B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBI15 Microbial Ecology and Soil Microbiology V
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCJ11 Elements of Film V
  B.Com. UCCON12/ UCCOM09 Income Tax: Law and Practice – I V
  B.B.A. UEBAC12 Elective II B: Banking and Insurance V
  B.C.A. UCCAO14 Data Communication and Networking V
04.11.2015 F.N. B.A. History UCHIE13/ UCHIE08 An Outline History of Tamil Nadu upto 1565 AD III
  B.A. English UCENE13 Children’s Literature III
    UCENE11 English Prose III
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAE12 Solid Geometry III
  B.Sc. Chemistry UCCHD13/ UCCHD10 General Chemistry – III III
  B.Sc. Zoology UCZOD13 Cell Biology and Bioinstrumentation III
    UCZOE10 Cell Biology and Genetics III
  B.Sc. Physics UCPHD13 Mathematical Methods and Classical Mechanics III
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UCBCD13/ UCBCD10 Biochemical Techniques III
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UCCSE14/ UCCSE10 Object Oriented Programming With C++ III
  B.Sc. Microbiology UCMBD15 Immunology and Microbial Genetics – I III
    UCMBD12 Immunology III
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCE14/ UCVCE11 Television Production III
  B.Com. UAIEA12/ UAIEA10 Allied III: Indian Economy III
  B.B.A. UCBAG12/ UCBAG08 Operations Research – I III
  B.C.A. UCCAG12 Statistical Methods III
04.11.2015 F.N. M.A. English PCENK14/ PCENK10 Contemporary Critical Theory III
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAK14 Calculus for Variations III
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHL12 Electro Chemistry III
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOK13 Animal Behaviour III
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHK14 Microprocessor – I III
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSN14 Data Mining and Warehousing III
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMM14 Public Relations and Corporate Communication III
  M.Com. PCCOK13 Financial Services and Markets III


Elective I B: Management Training and Development

04.11.2015 A.N. B.A. History UCHIB15/ UCHIB13 Main Currents in Indian History from 1526 to 1707 A.D. I
  B.A. English UCENA15/ UCENA12/ UCENA10 Indian Writing in English I
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAB15 Calculus I
  B.Com. UCCOB15/ UCCOB12/ UCCOB08 Business Economics – I I
  B.B.A. UAOMA15 Allied I: Office Management and Business Communication I
05.11.2015 B.A. History UEHIC13 Elective II A: Women’s Studies V
F.N. B.A. English UEENA14 Elective I A: Theatre and Dramaturgy V
  B.Sc. Mathematics UEMAA14/ UEMAA11 Elective – I: Programming in C V
  B.Sc. Chemistry UECHA13/ UECHA10 Elective I A: Analytical Chemistry V
  B.Sc. Zoology UEZOA13 Elective I A: Economic Zoology V
  B.Sc. Physics UEPHA13/ UEPHA08 Elective I A: Solid State Physics V
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UEBCA13/ UEBCA10 Elective I A: Immunology V
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UECSA14 Elective I A: Software Engineering V
  B.Sc. Microbiology UEMBA15 Elective – I A: Fundamentals of Cell Biology V
    UEMBA08 Elective – I A: Soil and Agricultural Microbiology V
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UCVCK11 Public Relations V
  B.Com. UECOC515/ UECOC512 Elective II: Banking Law and Practice V
    UECOC509 Elective II: Financial Services V
    UECOD514 Elective III: E-Commerce and Tally V
  B.B.A. UCBAL514/ UCBAL512 Fundamentals of Information Technology V
    UCBAM514 E-Commerce and Tally V
  B.C.A. UECAA14 Elective – I A: Software Engineering V


05.11.2015 F.N. M.A. English PCENC15/ PCENC13 Indian Literature in English I
    PCENC10 Women’s Writing I
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAC15/ PCMAC14 Complex Analysis – I I
  M.Sc. Chemistry PCCHC15 Kinetics and Photo Chemistry I
  M.Sc. Zoology PCZOC15 Biotechnology and Microbiology I
  M.Sc. Physics PCPHC15 Quantum Mechanics – I I
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSC15/ PCCSC14 Discrete Mathematics I
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PCEMC15 Videography I
  M.Com. PCCOC15/ PCCOC09 Organisational Behaviour I
  M.S.W. PCSWC15 Social Group Work I
05.11.2015 A.N. B.A. History UEHIA13 Elective – I A: History of Modern Asia from 1900 to 2000 A.D. III
  B.A. English UCENF13/ UCENF11 English Drama III
  B.Sc. Mathematics UCMAF12 Statics III
  B.Com. UCCOG12/ UCCOG09 Law of Contracts – I III
  B.B.A. UEBAB12 Elective I B: Retail Management III
06.11.20159-11 B.A. History USHIB513/ USHIB508 SBE: Local Self Government in India V
  B.A. English USENC514 SBE: Advanced English Grammar V
  B.Sc. Mathematics USMAD515 SBE: Mathematics for Competitive Examinations – I V
  B.Sc. Chemistry USCHC513/ USCHC510 SBE: Small Scale Chemistry V
  B.Sc. Zoology USZOC513 SBE: Ornamental Fish keeping V
  B.Sc. Physics USPHC513 SBE: Physics for Competitive Examinations V
  B.Sc. Biochemistry USBCC513 SBE: Dietetics V
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. & B.C.A. USCSE514 SBE: SBE: Introduction to WAP and WML V
    USCSF514 SBE: SBE: Scripting Languages V
    USCSG514 SBE: PC Hardware and Troubleshooting V
  B.Sc. Microbiology USMBC515 SBE: Laboratory Animal Care V
    USMBD515 SBE: Haematology and Blood Banking V
    USMBC608 SBE: Mushroom Cultivation VI
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. USCMC514 SBE: Photo Language V
  B.Com. USCOD515 SBE: Consumer Guide and Empowerment V
    USCOD512 SBE: Guide to Consumers V
    USCOE512 SBE: Skills for Professional Excellence V
  B.B.A. USBAC512 SBE: Hospital Planning and Administration V
    USBAD512 SBE: Hotel Planning and Administration V
  UG USPEA115/ USPEA114/ USPEA314 SBE: Yoga – I I


06.11.2015 UG USTAA115 SBE: Textiles and Dress Designing I
12-2   USHNA115 SBE: Conversational Hindi I
    USHIA115 / USHIA113/ USHIA213 SBE: Tourism and Travel formalities I
    USENB115/ USENB214 SBE: Everyday English I   II
    USENE115 SBE: Effective English I
    USMAA115/ USMAA212 SBE: Quantitative Aptitude I
    USCHA115/ USCHA111/ USCHA211 SBE: Entrepreneurial Chemistry I
    USZOB115/ USZOB208 SBE: Public Health and Hygiene I
    USPHA115/ USPHA113/ USPHA213/ USPHA111 SBE: Everyday Physics I
    USBCA115/ USBCA113/ USBCA213/ USBCA313 SBE: Nutrition Education I
    USCSA115/ USCSA112 SBE: Introduction to Information Technology I
    USCSB115 SBE: Multimedia Using Flash I
    USMBA115 SBE: Herbal Therapy I
    USMBA315 SBE: Herbal Therapy III
    USCMA114/ USCMA111/ USCMA211 SBE: Film Appreciation  
    USCOA115 SBE: Consumer Awareness I
    USCOA112 / USCOA212 SBE: Guide to Consumers  
    USBAA115/ USBAA314 SBE: Lifestyle Management I
    USNCA115/ USNCA113 SBE: Organisational Training I




06.11.2015 UG USTAB315 SBE: Translation III
3-5   USSOA313 SBE: Developmental Psychology III
    USENA312/ USENA412 SBE: English for Competitive Examinations III
    USMAB315 SBE: Data Interpretation III
    USMAC312/ USMAC412 SBE: Statistics for Everyday Life III  IV
    USCHB311/ USCHB411 SBE: Medicinal Chemistry III
    USZOA313/ USZOA413/ USZOA308 SBE: Sericulture III
    USPBC410 SBE: Horticulture IV
    USPBD314 SBE: Edible Mushroom Cultivation III
    USPHB113/ USPHB213/ USPHB313/ USPHB413/  USPHB211/ USPHB411 SBE: Home Appliances I   II  III  IV  II  IV
    USBCB115/ USBCB213/ USBCB313 SBE: Health Care for Women I
    USCSC313 SBE: Internet Basics III
    USCSD312 SBE: Photoshop III
    USMBB115/ USMBB315/ USMBB212/ USMBB312/ USMBB412 SBE: Infectious Disease and Control I
    USCMB313 / USCMB413 SBE: Photography III IV
    USCOC313/ USCOC413 SBE: Practical Banking III
    USBAB115/ USBAB314 SBE: Winning Through Communication I
    USNCC313 SBE: Defensive Mechanisms III



06.11.2015 F.N. MA English PCENL14/ PCENL10 Research Methodology III
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAL14 Difference Equations III
  M.Sc. Chemistry PECHE12 Elective III A: Analytical Chemistry III
  M.Sc. Zoology PEZOE13 Elective III A: Clinical Laboratory Techniques III
  M.Sc. Physics PEPHE14 Elective III A: Fundamentals of  Nano Science III
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PCCSO14 Cloud Computing III
  M.Sc. E. Media PEEME14 Elective III A: Business Communication III
  M.Com. PCCOL13 Human Resource Management III


Elective II A: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management



Elective III A: Retail Marketing



Elective IV A: Managing Software Projects

  M.S.W. PESWE12 Elective III A: Project Formulation III
07.11.2015 F.N. UG UGCHB511/ UGCHB611 NME: Occupational Health V  VI
    UGBCA513/ UGBCA613 NME: Diseases and Treatment V  VI
    UGCSA514/ UGCSA513 NME: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) V
    UGMBA515/ UGMBA612 NME: Basics of Microbiology V  VI
    UGNCA513 NME: Techniques and Service Activities V
  MA English PCEND15 The English Language I
    PCEND10 Classics in Translation I
  M.Sc. Mathematics PCMAD15 Differential Equations I
  M.Sc. Chemistry PECHA15/ PECHA12 Elective 1 A: Polymer Chemistry I
  M.Sc. Zoology PEZOA15 Elective 1 A: Biostatistics and Bioinformatics I
  M.Sc. Physics PEPHA15 Elective I A: Electronic Devices and Applications I
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PECSA15/ PECSA14 Elective I A: Advanced Computer Architecture I
  M.Sc. Ele. Media PEEMA15 Elective I A: Script Writing and Direction I
  M.Com. PCCOD15 Financial Services and Markets I


Elective II B: Merchant Banking & Financial Services



Elective III B: Services Marketing



Elective IV B: E-Commerce

  M.S.W. PESWA15/ PESWA08 Elective I A: Social Problems I


07.11.2015 B.A. History UAPSA13 Allied III: Principles of Sociology III
A.N. B.A. English UAHLA14 Allied III: History of English Literature – I III
    UAHLA10 Allied I: History of English Literature – I I
  B.Sc. Mathematics UAMSA12 Allied III: Mathematical Statistics – I III
  B.Sc. Chemistry UBMAA15 Optional Allied I:  Mathematics – I I
    UBPBA15 Optional Allied I: Plant Biology – I III
  B.Sc. Zoology UAPBA14 Allied III: Plant Biology – I III
  B.Sc. Physics UAMAA15 Allied I:  Mathematics – I I
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UAMAA15 Allied I: Mathematics – I I
  B.Sc. UAMAA12 Allied I: Mathematics – I I
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UAMBA15/ UAMBA12/ UAMBA10 Allied III: Microbiology – I III
  B.Sc. Microbiology UABSA12 Allied III: Biostatistics – I III
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UASWA14 Allied III: Script Writing III
  B.Com. UECOA12/ UECOA09

Elective I A: Principles of Management

    UCCOH08 Principles of Management III
  B.B.A. UAMEA12 Allied III: Managerial Economics III
  B.C.A. UACAA10 Allied III: Cost Accounting III
16.11.2015 UG UGTAA514 NME: Tamil – I III
F.N.   UGHIA513 NME: Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business V
    UGENA514 NME: Soft Skills and Personality Development V
    UGECA512 NME: General Economics V
    UGMAA515 NME:  Mathematics for Competitive Examinations V
    UGMAA608 NME: Discrete Mathematics VI
    UGCHA511/ UGCHA611 NME: Food and Nutrition Chemistry V  VI
    UGZOA513 NME: Maternal and Child Psychology V
    UGZOA610 NME: Clinical Laboratory Techniques VI
    UGPHA513/ UGPHA613 NME: Fundamentals of Physics V
UG UGBCB513/ UGBCB512/ UGBCB608 NME: Therapeutic Agents V


    UGCSB514 NME: Web Designing using Dream Weaver V
    UGMBB515 NME: Environment Microbiology V
    UGCMA515 NME: Film Appreciation V
    UGCMA611 NME: Women and Media VI
    UGCOA515/ UGCOA512 NME: Book Keeping and Accounting V
    UGBAA512/ UGBAA510 NME: Human Resource Management V
  PG PGTRA15 Teaching and Research Aptitude III
  M.B.A. PSBAI14 Travel Agency III
16.11.2015 A.N. B.A. History UATMA15/ UATMA13 Allied I: Tourism – I I
  B.A. English UALFT15/ UALFT14 Allied – I: Literary Forms and Literary Terms I
    UALFT10 Allied – III: Literary Forms and Literary Terms III
  B.Sc. Mathematics UAPHA15/ UBPHA13 Allied I: Physics – I I
  B.Sc. Chemistry UAPHA313 Allied III: Physics – I III
  B.Sc. Zoology UACHA15 Allied I: Chemistry – I I
  B.Sc. Physics UACHA312 Allied III: Chemistry – I III
  B.Sc. Biochemistry UACHA15 Allied I: Chemistry – I I
  B.Sc. UACHA12 Allied I: Chemistry – I I
  B.Sc. Comp. Sc. UANAA12 Allied III: Numerical Analysis – I III
  B.Sc. Microbiology UABCA15/ UABCA13/ UABCA10 Allied I: Biochemistry – I I
  B.Sc. Vis. Com. UAHCA15/ UAHCA14 Allied I: Human Communication I
    UAJLA11 Allied I: Journalism I
  B.Com. UABMA15/ UABMA12 Allied I: Business Mathematics and Statistics I


Business Mathematics and Statistics – I I
  B.C.A. UAAFA15 Allied I: Accounting Fundamentals – I I
    UAFAA10 Allied I: Financial Accounting – I I



16.11.2015 M.A. English PEENB15 Elective I B: Modern English Grammar I
A.N.   PEENB10 Elective I B: Children’s Literature I
  M.Sc. Mathematics PEMAA15/ PEMAA14 Elective I A: Differential Geometry I
  M.Com. PECOA15 Elective I A: Entrepreneurial Development I
  M.B.A. PSBAG14 Project Management III
17.11.2015 F.N. MA English PEENE14 Elective III B: Literature: Analysis,  Approaches and Applications III
    PEENF10 Elective III B: Translation Studies III
  M.Sc. Mathematics PEMAE14 Elective III A: Operations Research III
  M.Sc. Comp. Sc. PECSE14 Elective III A: Distributed Computing III
  M.Com. PECOE13 Elective III A: Principles of Insurance III
  M.B.A. PSBAH14 Rural Marketing III