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Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

National Seminar on Current Innovations in Computer Technology (NSCICT17) – Department of Computer Science and Applications


National seminar on Current Innovation in Computer Technology (NSCICT17) was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Applications on 13th December 2017.  Rev. Sr. Amalorpavam, Secretary, Rev. Dr. Sr. Mary Josephine Rani. A, Principal; Rev. Sr. Alice K. T. , Head – Department of Computer Science and COE;Dr. (Sr.) Jaya Shanthi R. and Dr. (Sr.) Mary Shiela Susairaj Vice Principals (Shift I & II). Mr. Narendra G.  – Head Training and Research, ICT Academy Tamil Nadu, inaugurated the seminar by lighting the kuthuvilaku and gave the speech about the current innovations in computer technology and its benefits. Rev. Sr. Amalorpavam, Secretary and Dr.(Sr.) Mary Josephine Rani A., Principal felicitated the speakers.

Mr. Umashanker D. – Co.founder, Trumatics Software Labs, Chennai was the speaker of the second session. He spoke about the Block Chain and Automobiles. He  also said about  the latest  technologies in Autonomous/Self-driving cars.

Mr. Chandar Subramanian – Senior Software Engineer, Flatirons Jouve Solutions India pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Tamil Nadu gave an informative speech on Big Data.  According to him Big Data will be leading topic for the next 10 years in computer science industry.

Dr. Aju D. – Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE) VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu gave a technical speech on the topic of big data in Medical science.

Mr. George Louis Raja A. – Head, PG Department of Computer Applications, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur, was the chief guest of the Valediction programme. He gave an information speech about data science with some examples.

Technology has been growing so exponentially over recent years, there has been a steadily increasing demand for bright graduates to come in and help to transform areas. The objective of the seminar was to make the participants up to date with the latest trends in computer science research, to make an informed choice about where to head next.

90 participants from various colleges attended the Seminar. The programme ended with certificate distribution.