To internalize and institutionalise the best practices.

General Objective

  • Enhancing quality in academic and administrative activities
  • To form holistic young women as agent of social change.
  • To realise the objective strategies.

Specific Objective

  • To create passion for academic excellence.
  • To provide support system for efficient administrative performance.
  • To organize Workshops \ Seminar on quality related theme.
  • To encourage departments to organize seminars, orientation and faculty development
  • To promote research culture among staff members.
  • To develop effective and employable skills for students.
  • Documenting best practices of the college.
  • To create support systems / tutorial / Remedial.
  • To enhance the quality of ASQC.
  • To activity involve the ASQC  members for quality circle Sustenance and  Enhancement.
  • To evaluate and plan the programmes of IQAC with external IQAC members.

Action Plan

Organizing international / National / State Level Seminars, Conferences and workshop on quality related themes.

  • To create eco-friendly campus.
  • Workshop on awareness on the usage of media by IQAC.
  • To encourage the department to organize seminar \ Workshop \ Conferences.
  • To encourage the management staff members to attend orientation and Refreshers programmes.
  • To encourage the faculty members to publish Research papers.
  • To conduct workshop on Resume writing to all the final year students (UG & PG) by the IQAC.
  • To have periodical evaluation once in three months( September, January, March)
  • To encourage the staff to apply for major & minor Project.
  • Seminar on research methodology and funding a Project.
  • To conduct periodical IQAC & extended IQAC meeting.