The Management makes constant efforts to offer the most conducive environment and the necessary infrastructure facilities for the teaching learning process. The college is maintained with beautiful gardens and shady trees sheltering a variety of birds, reveals the beauty and the charm of Mother Nature. The cleanliness, Orderliness and aesthetic sense that encompasses the entire area reflects the divine presence and inspires the inmates to rise to higher levels of thinking,learning and living. The calmness that pervades facilitates concentration and enables intellectual pursuits.

The college chapel, which is situated in the centre of the campus, is an invitation to everyone to experience God’s abiding presence and regain spiritual energies.

The Arts Block was built by the pioneers of the Institution in the year 1954. The Science Block encompasses well-furnished laboratories and Maths block has been built newly. The Zoological Museum has a good collection of specimens and models. Physical Science and Biological Science have centralized instrumentation center.

The spacious and well-ventilated Library Block provides an atmosphere ideal for an in-depth study and reference. It is repainted and has a bright appearance.

The auditorium erected as a Silver Jubliee Memorial in the year 1978 occupies a place pf pride in the campus. The roof was changed, white washed and painted. The new lights and stage arrangements give a grand appearance.

The computer Block houses fully equipped laboratories separately for the UG and Pg students. Besides it accommodates, 17 class-rooms, a library and a seminar hall. It is renewed, repaired, white washed and painted.

The large Indoor Stadium with gymnastic and Sports facilities, accommodation for the visiting sports teams, gallery and provision for storage of equipment is at the service of the physical education students. It is provide with new equipments to improve the physical fitness of the staff and students. The building also provides hostel facilities for the residential staff.

The Priscilla block serves as the residence for 30 young girls who take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the campus and buildings. They are also provided with facilities for training of skills.

The construction of the Golden Jubilee Memorial is well furnished and professionally equipped Auxilium Audio Visual Centre, facilitates the young women to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become media professionals.

A majestic Administrative block stands in between Arts block and Science block. It is the pride of the campus being equipped with the state of the art infrastructure and facility. The beautiful statue of Mary queen and Mother of Auxilium at the entrance draws the attraction of all those who enter the edifice. The courtyard smiles green with young saplings of different verities making the place environmental friendly with lush green plants. A lift is provided to facilitate swift movement between the floors.

A browsing Centre with forty computers was made available for students to avail the facility of information technology to further knowledge. The multimedia Lab with twenty computers for Audio and Video editing, graphics was also established.

The Basket ball court was demolished and a new one is constructed in its place to facilitate the players to excel in games.

The Installation of the private automation branch exchange system (INTERCOM) with facility for more connections in the place of the previous one is an added feature for easy communication within the campus. Separate phones are added to many more sectors with internet facility.

The Auxilium campus is ever growing with faculty members and students. To provide an educative ambient, the management tries to adapt new technology and equip them with knowledge and skills. Therefore the class rooms were provided with LCD projectors screens and mike system. The smart class rooms with facilities to improve the teaching and learning process. The internet facilities were provided for the faculty members so that they may have more Knowledge to impart.

The New students Dinning hall is built to offer better service to the staff and students. It has two wings, one for staff and other for the students with provision in the middle to serve both. A vechicle parking shed is built to park the two wheelers of the staff members.

A new garage is built to accommodate the college bus, mini bus and the jeeps. The Foot path from the administrative block to the parking shed is cemented and made smooth for the vechicle to pass. The foot path between the computer block and Media block also renewed.

The solid waste management project to keep the campus clean and to turn the waste into wealth, a shed was constructed to segregate the garbage into organic and inorganic materials, one more shed and bore well are added to facilitate vermin compost production. An incinerator is available for hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins.

The outdoor stadium is to provide place for the students to sit and watch the game and participate in sports activities.  The Gym, Ladies Hostel and New Library are under construction.

To keep the gardens in the campus green and clean, machines were provided to cut the grass and trim the plants. The field is fertile and green with vegetables, greens, paddy etc; The medicinal plants were taken care of to provide good health.

The homely, serene and formative surroundings in the hostel bring about a closely knit family like atmosphere where the young, experience being ina home away from home. The inmates of the hostel coming from rural back ground most of whom are first generation learners receive an integral formation that is sure to influence positively the generations to come.

The well furnished hostel blocks with ample provision for study, rest, relaxation, recreation, music, cultural activities are put to maximum use. The calm, clean, and green environment provides an ambient, conducive for study.

The cesira block, Maazzarello block, Laura block provide a safe shelter for the 750 residential students, Separate water closets and bathing rooms attached to each of the three blocks ensure easy access and ascertain hygienic conditions. The Mama Margrate block is built for the post graduate students. The periodical weathering course, white washing, painting and rewiring of the hostel blocks helps to safe guard the buildings.

The ground between the blocks is levelled to facilitate free flow of rain water and avoid stagnation. Rain water is harvested from every block through proper channel and stored in three sumps and used in laboratories. Purified drinking water is provided for all students. The kitchen with modern appliances and the mess with adjacent spacious dining halls for the students, the staff and the visitors provide healthy meals and timely refreshments. For relaxation and recreation the modern gadgets are provided(T.V., VCD etc;).

The credibility and relevance of the Institution’s existence solely depends on the unswerving fidelity to the development of the socially and economically most backward young women of the district. The farsighted vision of our founders has indeed reaped a plentiful harvest of higher education. We march together as a band of women for communion, continuing the daring journey of empowering them in creating a new social order of peace and justice.

The college also provides Interactive Lab, Browsing Center, WiFi Campus and E-lab.