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Inauguration of the Rotract Club with Civic Awareness program on 24.08.2018

The inauguration of the Rotaract club with civic awareness program was held on 24.08.2018 at 2:30 pm. Dr. G. Santhi, Asst Professor in Tamil, DKM college was the chief guest. The inauguration started with a prayer song. Ms. Meenakshi,  Asst. Professor of Tamil department, who is the corrdinator of Rotract club of Auxilium college introduced and welcomed the chief guest and the Rotract.
 Sr. Regina Mary R., Principal of the Auxilium college was the felicitated by the President of Rotrary club Rtn.  M. Senthil Kumar ,and then he offered printer for the department of Tamil. Sectary offered the President batch to Ms. Preethika  II ‘c’ B.A. English Auxilium College and the Rotractors offered batches to the office bearers and followed with the chief guest motivational speech. students of Rotract club  participated in the programme.