Quiz Club

Objective of Quiz Club:

The objective is to create awareness of the general facts, current affairs among the students. It also improves the competitive spirit among the students of various departments.

Group                          : Quiz Club

Staff In-charge            : Ms. Shalini B.

Leader                         : Ms. Judith Gracia., III B. Sc., Physics

No. of Units                : 1

No. of Students          : 28

Motto                          : Know the World


  • To engage the spirit of team competitions and acquire knowledge
  • To evaluate and enlighten the IQ of the Youth.
  • To encourage the students to take part in all competitive examinations.

Regular Activities

  • Science and Technology
  • Sports
  • World Geography
  • General Knowledge
  • General facts in Space
  • History and Civics

Media Club

Media Club




Group                          : Media Club

Staff In-charge            : Mrs. Radhika / Sr. Juliana

Leader                         : Priya M. III Eng ‘A’ ( Shift I) / Kalaivani III Maths  (Shift II)

No. of Students          : 85

Motto                          : Use Media to Educate Society


To become Effective Communicators, and Responsible Media Users and Consumers, through Media Awareness and Education, and development of Communication Skills.

Plan and Project

We are called to grow in the awareness to encounter new possibilities by using the new technology wisely and to teach every person to live with dignity of the human person and service of the common good.

Regular Activities

  • Reading daily Newspaper and Magazines
  • Awareness of the influence of Media in day today situation
  • Being informed about the latest technologies
  • Discussion on the current issues
  • Creative writing
  • Creative expression through Music, Dance and Drama
  • Film once a month and discussion to be conducted

IT club

IT club

“Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win.”   – Anon.

The IT club is intended to enhance the IT knowledge of students. The criteria of the club is to develop the skill for the students by conducting activities like Cross Word, Puzzles, Paper Presentation, Group Discussion, Surfing on Net, Collecting Computer based video clips, JAM etc.,

Group                         : IT Club

Staff In-charge            : Ms. Gajalakshmi P., Ms. Ramya G., Ms. Girija M.

No. of Students          : 259

Leader    (2015)           : Vani A. (III B. Sc Computer Science), Jeevitha A. (III BCA

Shift I), Nithiya Sri R. (III BCA Shift II)

Motto                          : Treasure Knowledge on Information Technology

Objective                     : To know the recent trends in IT industry and to be updated in

the current issues.

Regular Activities       : Aptitude test, Collage, Paper Presentation, Group

Discussion, News collection on recent Trends, Quiz.

Extension                    : To display IT related news on the Notice Board.

Debators Club

Debators Club

The department of Microbiology is organizing Debater’s club. The debate is mainly focused on current trends, social issues. Educational issues, Health issues, Women issues, etc., Debate is used to provide a forum for delivery of argument “for” and “against” an issue. It provides a platform for exploring one’s ideas with others or a group of people about all relevant ideas. It is a method of interactive and representational argument. It helps the students to increase their speaking skills, communication, interacting with other, discussing their ideas. The outcome of depend upon consensus or some way of reaching a solution, but not a complete solution.

Group                          : Debators Club

Staff in-Charge           : Ms. Sathyabama T.

No. of Students          : 75

Leader    (2015)           : Pooja V., III BBA

Motto                          : Not to impress, but to express

Objective                     : To bring out and to develop the Oratorical skills and to create

awareness on current issues.

Regular Activities        : Debates on current and common issues, debate competition to

select “Best Debator”

Journalism Club

Journalism Club

The club celebrated the 150th year of Rabindranath Tagore’s creative Genius and his contribution to education and literature. A paper presentation was organized in honour of this Great Indian Writer.

Name of the Club                   : Journalism Club     

Staff In-Charge                       : Dr. Vernum Cecilia

Leader                                     : Ms. Uzma Fathima K. (III B Eng)

No. of Students                      : 30

Motto                                      : “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”

Objective                                 : To train the students in the art of writing; through Creative exercise.


Regular Activities                   : Book Reviews, Publishing the Literary Journal “The Sibylline”


Extension                                : Publishing articles in the Newspapers to create awareness


Health and Fine Arts Club

Health and Fine Arts Club

On 10.08.15 Dr. V. G. Arun BSMS. Md., was inaugurated the club. He gave many health tips to follow in our daily life. He taught siddha medicine and some yogas to the students. He encouraged the students to meditate daily to reduce stress and keep their mind free. On the same day Mrs. Anitha vedagiri, Classical dancer has given Bharanatiyam demo to UG students.

Group                          : Health and Fine Arts Club

Staff in-Charge           : Ms. Shanthi A. L. and Ms. Suganya V.

No. of Students          : All UG Students

Leader    (2015)           : Namrutha N., III B.Sc. Computer Science

Motto                          : Be Healthy and Live Artistically

Objective                     : To give emphasis on creativity and artistic skills to lead a stress

free life

Regular Activities       : Inauguration, Yoga demo, Paintings, Collage, Rangoli, Mehendi,

Paper Presentation for health care, Regular Bharthanatiyam classes.