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Faculty Orientation Program on “The Power of Positive Affirmation”.


Three day Faculty Orientation Program on The Power of Positive Affirmation.

June 14-16, 2018

Resource Person: Rev. Dr. Fr. Gnanadhas, Coonoor Vicariate


Day 1        
The Orientation began with an invocation to God. Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R., our Principal, introduced the speaker and the resource person Rev. Dr. Fr. Gnanadhas. Sister propounded that the objective of the orientation is to enable the faculty to guide and educate young people through their presence.

Father Gnanadhas began his talk by defining the term ‘Affirmation’. He said, the term, in simple words could be defined as “knowing oneself”. His experience in counseling women of America had made him understand the more lamentable situation of Indian women in dealing with trauma and depression and their need for guidance to a state of positive affirmation.

Father explained that without good self-affirmation the individual could be much disoriented and could suffer from lack of concentration. He also began elucidating on factors that influence the formation of positive self-affirmation. The first and the most important of the factors, Father said, is the Environment. Culture, caste, colour and other such environmental factors bring out both the best and worst in the person and play a very important role in influencing the person’s ability to develop positive affirmation.

The second is Capability, that is, recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation of an individual’s uniqueness by self and others around them to facilitate the formation of positive affirmation. The kindness others show on an individual also plays a vital role in the same.

Faculty of Auxilium College (Autonomous) with five and below years of teaching experience and Faculty of Auxilium College of Education attended the day’s orientation program.

Day 2

Father continued discussing factors that affect the development of positive affirmation. The Realm is another significant factor. The realm varies with the individual just like their “environment”. The identity the individual has of themselves depends on this. Drawing from Carl Jung, Father pointed out that every man and woman has certain exclusive traits universally ascribed to their particular gender. But the individual becomes finer only when they develop and possess in them an admixture of both these exclusive masculine or feminine traits. Good self-identity in an individual comes with appreciation for both body and mind. It also is seen manifested in the place in which the individual lives, i.e., in their “clean” living.

The last and inevitable of these influential factors is Spirituality. It is essential to realize the need to internalize God and that God is within.

Father then spoke on the factors that condition our behavior: generalization, deletion and distortion. As teachers, father stated, it is important for the audience to familiarize themselves with these factors and to be able to see and guage the body language and behavioral system of the students with the same. The next step in this process is providing positive strokes, that is, formative counseling, which begins with affirming the positives in the ward and moves to making the ward believe that it is intellectually impossible for someone with such positive aspects in them to do anything otherwise. Father asserted that this has proved to be of great success in his own experience of counseling the young.

Father insisted that with good understanding of the ideas he elucidated, the faculty should exercise and train their mental faculty to develop positive affirmation within themselves and be able to do the same in their wards.

Faculty of Auxilium College (Autonomous) with five and below years of teaching experience and Faculty of Auxilium College of Education attended the day’s orientation program.

Day 3

Father began the day’s session by summarizing the conclusions he drew on Day 1 and Day 2. Father then threw light on the characteristic traits of different generations to enable a better understanding of them. Father then laid emphasis of the importance of smile and touch while dealing with the young and the spiritual significance of mediation.

Ms. Vidhya K., Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, proposed the vote of thanks and affirmed that Father’s words of wisdom on the power of positive affirmation has definitely put the faculty on the path to approach and guide their wards better.

Faculty of Auxilium College (Autonomous) and Faculty of Auxilium College of Education attended the day’s orientation program.