( Autonomous )
Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

Extension Acivity by Department of B.Com (Banking and Insurance) on 20th December, 2018.

No. of. Participants       : 20 students and 4 staff Members.

Place : Bethel school for mentally retarded children

On 20th December, 2018 we organized a visit to Bethel school for mentally retarded children. The purpose is to share the joy and happiness. Ms. Latha, the trainer of the institute introduced the children’s and their conditions. One of the trainees of the institute explained the reasons and causes of conditions of the children’s and the methods of categorizing them to various levels and training. The children’s exhibited their talents by reciting thirukural, answering to general knowledge questions and reciting proverbs in both English and Tamil. Then, our students conducted cultural events as dancing and singing. They displayed the artistic works of the children’s such as bangles made up of threads, key chains and earrings. Finally we distributed chocolates, cakes to the children’s and we donated 25kgs of sugar to Mr.Immanual arulraj, founder of BETHEL institution. Students learned joy of sharing and discipline from those special childrens.