( Autonomous )
Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore - 632 006

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

Career Guidance Report


he Career Guidance and Placement Cell focuses on the assistance and guidance for the students in discovering their strengths, sharpening their interests and planning for their career development through various programmes such as orientation seminars, training programmes on soft skills, etc.

Team of Co-ordinators:

  1. Dr. Kasthuri S.   –  Coordinator ( Shift I) – Dept. of Mathematics
  2. Ms. Lavanya S.   –  Coordinator ( Shift II) – Dept. of B.C.A.
  3. Ms. Naga Soundarya Lakshmi V.S.  – Dept. of Mathematics
  4. Ms. Sumathi N.  – Dept. of Computer Science

Students Secretaries:

  1. Ms. Ayeesha K, III B.Sc  Maths – Shift I
  2. Ms. Keerthana K, III B.C.A – Shift II

The Advisory Committee Meeting

The advisory committee meeting for the academic year 2016-2017 was held in the mid of July. Rev. Sr. Eugini Fathima Mary, Principal was the chairperson.  Following are the topics on which suggestions and discussion were made:

  1. Maintaining database of students to refer them for suitable job vacancies.
  2. Conducting campus interviews for reputable and professional organizations.
  3. Training students for their professional careers.
  4. Preparing them for competitive civil service exams, higher studies and choosing a rewarding career.
  5. Conducting exclusive training programs on Behavioral and soft skills and personality developments.
  6. Assisting students in discovering their strengths, sharpening their interests and planning for a satisfying future.
  7. Conducting Training programme especially for students to take part in campus drive for IT sectors.

Soft Skill Training Programme:

Final year undergraduate students were given orientation under the guidance of  Mr. Rajesh Thomas, Professional Soft Skill trainer from C2C Chennai. Students were divided into six different batches and they underwent training for 2 days, that is every weekend based on the following schedule. Mr. Rajesh Thomas trained the students to actively and effectively participate in Group Discussions to drive out topophobia and to enhance communication skills. Various sessions on verbal and non verbal skills, personality development, interview techniques, mind map and group discussions are conducted.


III Bio-Chemistry

III B.Sc  Physics

III B.Sc  Microbiology




III B.Sc  Maths (Shift-I)

III B.Sc  Zoology




III B.Sc  Maths(Shift II)

III B.C.A (Shift II)





III B.A English ‘A’,’B’,’C’ section (Shift-I)

III B.Com (Shift-I)





III B.Com (Shift-II),

III B.B.A (Shift-II)

III  B.Sc  Computer Science





III B.A History

III B.Sc  Visual Communication

III B.Sc  Chemistry

III B.C.A (Shift-I)





Orientation Program for UG Final Year Students:

24th August  2016

The Career Guidance and Placement Cell organized an orientation program for final year UG students. Ms. Lavanya S., Placement Coordinator oriented the Students on various job opportunities and the functioning of the placement cell of the college. Motivational talk was given by Ms.Muthulakshmi A., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Application regarding various competitive exams.

Orientation Program for Higher Education:

21st  December 2016

The Placement Cell organized a programme to facilitate career opportunities. All UG final year students attended an orientation program organized by the AZIM Premji University, Bangalore.

Internship Programme – Surya Informatics, Chennai

26th December 2016 – 05th March 2017

PG final year students of  M.Sc Computer Science completed  the Internship Program in Surya Informatics on .NET Platform.

  1. Anisha U.
  2. Mahalakshmi J.
  3. Porkodi R.
  4. Rajeshwari S.

Campus Interview-Job Fair:

08th  January 2017

Job Fair was conducted at “Sacred Heart College” on 8th January 2017. Many companies visited the campus for recruiting the graduates. Companies that visited the college are HCL, Apollo, ACER, VIVO, Orchid Chemicals Karvy, IDBI etc. Many Students from our college participated in that Job Fair.

 Combined Campus Interview

01st February 2017

Students from the Department of B.Sc  Physics, B.Sc  Computer Science and B.C.A attended the interview conducted by TCS-Ignite which was held in Chennai. The following Students got selected:

    1 Ragavi S. B.Sc  Computer Science (Shift-II)
    2 Yamuna D. B.C.A (Shift-II)

Combined Campus Interview

10th February 2017

Around 50 students from the Department of B.Sc  Physics, B.Sc  Computer Science, B.C.A, B.Sc  Mathematics and M.Sc Mathematics attended the Campus interview conducted by CTS in the VIT University.  The following students got selected:

    1 Deepika A. B.C.A (Shift-II)
    2 Keerthana K. B.C.A (Shift-II)

 Campus Interview-HDFC Life

13th February 2017

The final year students of various Departments attended campus interview conducted by the HDFC Life on 13-02-2017. Around 150 students participated in the drive and 103 Students got shortlisted for the second level of interview.

S.No Name of the Student Department
1 Akalya. M B.B.A
2 Divya.K B.B.A
3 Caroline A.C B.B.A
4 E.Rebekah B.B.A
5 P.Ramya B.B.A
6 S.C.Soundaryaa B.Sc   Physics
7 M.Mytheli B.Sc   Physics
8 Sowmya B.Sc   Physics
9 Nivetha.K B.Sc   Physics
10 Divya.k B.Sc   Physics
11 P.P Diana Preetha lincy B.Sc   Physics
12 Sowmiya.M B.Sc   Physics
13 M.Sumithra B.Sc   Physics
14 Hemawathi.G B.Sc   Physics
15 P.Narmatha B.Sc   Physics
16 V.Sandhiya B.Sc   Physics
17 Anisha.S B.Sc   Physics
18 Deepika A B.C.A
19 U.Dhanalakshmi B.C.A
20 C.Harani B.C.A
21 Yamuna D B.C.A
22 Soniya K B.C.A
23 Indu priya B.C.A
24 Joyce Madonna B.C.A
25 Nithisha B.C.A
26 Monica B.C.A
27 Renuka Devi B.C.A
28 Sandhiya B.C.A
29 Prescilla B.C.A
30 Swathi B.C.A
31 Shinny B.C.A
32 Elakkiya B.C.A
33 Divya.K B.C.A
34 Janani B.C.A
35 Lakshmi priya B.C.A
36 Mahalaxmi B.C.A
37 Rekha B.Sc  Computer Science
38 Sangeetha B.Sc  Computer Science
39 Ramya B B.Sc  Computer Science
40 Divya B.Sc  Computer Science
41 Krithika B.Sc  Computer Science
42 Malini B.Sc  Computer Science
43 Preethi B.Sc  Computer Science
44 Priyanka S B.Sc  Computer Science
45 Karthiga B.Sc  Computer Science
46 Shubashree B.Sc  Computer Science
47 Ragavi B.Sc  Computer Science
48 Lidyaq B.Sc  Computer Science
49 Sumitha B.Sc  Computer Science
50 Ayesha
51 Karthika
52 Poojapriya
53 Subashalini
54 Jansirani
55 Divya A
56 Manju
57 Charu Lakshmi
58 Harithavarshni
59 Jananipriya
60 Lavita Ierin B.A English
61 Devipriya B.A English
62 Gayathri B.A English
63 Pavithra B.Sc  Mathematics
64 Sandhiya B.Sc  Mathematics
65 Divya Lakshmi B.Sc  Mathematics
66 Deepika B B.Sc  Mathematics
67 Parimala B.Sc  Mathematics
68 Sangeetha B.Sc  Mathematics
69 Indhu priya B.Sc  Mathematics
70 Arul Jenifer Mary B.Sc  Mathematics
71 Monisha B.Sc  Mathematics
72 S Kavitha B.Sc  Bio Chemistry
73 Vimala B.Sc  Bio Chemistry
74 Keerthika B.Sc  Bio Chemistry
75 Swathi Sree B.Sc  Bio Chemistry
76 Rina Gomathi B.Sc  Microbiology
77 Rajalakshmi B.Sc  Microbiology
78 Pushpalatha B.Sc  Microbiology
79 Swetha B.Sc  Microbiology
80 Nivetha Presilla B.Sc  Microbiology
81 Angelin B.Sc  Microbiology
82 Karpaga Kouslya B.Sc  Microbiology
83 Raja Priya B.Sc  Microbiology
84 Suganeswari B.Sc  Microbiology
85 Kokila B.Sc  Mathematics
86 Thamari Selvi B.Sc  Computer Science
87 Shivani BBA
88 Anitha B.Sc  Mathematics
89 Saranya B.Sc  Mathematics
90 Pushpalatha B.Sc  Computer Science
91 Yamini B.Sc  Computer Science
92 Ashisumitha B.Sc  Computer Science
93 Kavila B.Sc  Mathematics
94 Isaimozhi B.Sc  Mathematics
95 Revathi B.Sc  Mathematics
96 Preethy B.Sc  Computer Science
97 Kalaiyarasi
98 Kerthna L N
99 Thenmozi B.A English
100 Asha BBA
101 Swetha Mol BBA
102 Priyadharshini B.Sc  Mathematics
103 Kaviya B.Sc  Computer Science

Campus Interview-AGS Health Care

14th February 2016

Around 100 Students participated in AGS Health Care interview which was conducted on 14th February. A good response and positive attitude was seen among the students. Some students were shortlisted for the personal round interview. Finally 23 students from the Department of Microbiology and Bio-Chemistry were selected for the posting of medical coding and 60 students from other Departments were selected for the posting of transaction coding. Totally 83 students got selected.

S.No Name of the Student Degree Department
1 Sankari Narayanan B.Com Commerce
2 Mahalakshmi Harimadhavan B.Com Commerce
3 Swetha Ramani B.A English
4 Manjula Palani B.Sc Mathematics
5 Parimala S B.Sc Mathematics
6 Kokila Ravi B.Sc Mathematics
7 Bhavani Velayudham B.Sc Mathematics
8 Meera Venkatesan B.A English
9 Devi Priya Siva Kumar B.A English
10 Aayisha  Tabassum Tajuddin B.A English
11 Vinitha Vijayakumar B.A English
12 Bharathi Sekar B.A English
13 Ramya Shree Tamilvanan B.A English
14 Mifra Tajroon Jamal Kadhar B.Sc Mathematics
15 Divya Lakshmi Ashokan B.Sc Mathematics
16 Kavitha Mani B.Sc Mathematics
17 Pavithra Kalaimani B.Sc Mathematics
18 Anitha Kannayiram B.A English
19 Megala Nagarathenam B.Sc Mathematics
20 Hoorulayeen Mujahiduddin B.Sc Mathematics
21 Sangeetha Muthumanikam B.Sc Computer Science
22 Priya Chandrasekaran BBA Business Administration
23 Deepika Anandan B.C.A Computer Application
24 Aarthi Ravi B.Sc Computer Science
25 Saranya Govindasamy B.Sc Mathematics
26 Nivetha Ravi B.Sc Mathematics
27 Revathi Chandra Sekaran B.Sc Mathematics
28 Joyce Madonna Richard Paul B.C.A Computer Application
29 Ragavi Selvarajan B.Sc Computer Science
30 Shivani Sundaresan BBA Business Administration
31 Oviya Manohar B.Sc Physics
32 Karthiga Nagarajan B.Sc Computer Science
33 Soniya Krishnan B.C.A Computer Application
34 Santhiya Mathiyazhagan B.C.A Computer Application
35 Ellakiya Palanivelu B.C.A Computer Application
36 Dhanalakshmi Udhayasuriyar B.C.A Computer Application
37 Kavitha Srinivasan B.Sc Mathematics
38 Kavitha Dhanasekaran B.C.A Computer Application
39 Kavila Jagadeesan B.Sc Mathematics
40 Keerthana Kamala Kannan B.C.A Computer Application
41 Yamini Kailasan B.Sc Computer Science
42 Menisha Boopalan BBA Computer Application
43 Gayathri Elangovan B.Sc Computer Science
44 Sandhiya Gopal B.C.A Computer Application
45 Thulasi Mageshwaran B.Sc Mathematics
46 Pavithra Ram Singh BBA Business Administration
47 Rebekah Eshak BBA Business Administration
48 Dhatchayini Gururnathan B.Sc Chemistry
49 Sridevi Mahendran B.Sc Zoology
50 Gayathri Jegannathan M.Sc Zoology
51 Suvitha Pallavi Balachander M.Sc Zoology
52 Shariqua Aafrin V.M B.Sc Zoology
53 Mary Pilomina B.Sc Zoology
54 Meeha Begam Nasir Baig B.Sc Zoology
55 Aaisha Siddiqua A B.Sc Zoology
56 Rashidha Begum Babu B.Sc Zoology
57 Mageswari K B.Sc Zoology
58 Shakila Chandran B.Sc Zoology
59 Chevanthi Deivasigamani B.Sc Zoology
60 Nivetha Baskar B.Sc Zoology
61 Raja Priya.S B.Sc Microbiology
62 Swetha.P B.Sc Microbiology
63 Karpaga Kowsalya.T B.Sc Microbiology
64 Sowmya.R B.Sc Microbiology
65 Manimegalai.R B.Sc Microbiology
66 Vigneshwari.S B.Sc Microbiology
67 Soniya.N B.Sc Microbiology
68 Rina Gomathi.S B.Sc Microbiology
69 Rajalakshmi.S B.Sc Microbiology
70 Immani.J B.Sc Microbiology
71 Meena.M B.Sc Microbiology
72 Mohana Priya.M B.Sc Microbiology
73 Jayalakshmi.R B.Sc Microbiology
74 Preethi.M B.Sc Microbiology
75 Revathi.S B.Sc Microbiology
76 Keerthana.G B.Sc Microbiology
77 Sasirekha.R B.Sc Microbiology
78 Kavitha.S B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
79 Yamuna.V B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
80 Vishnu Priya.P B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
81 Srimathi.S B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
82 Nandini.M B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
83 Adhirai.T B.Sc Bio-Chemistry


Campus Interview-Anuvrat Vidhyalaya

16th February 2017

Around 60 students from various departments attended the interview conducted by Anuvrat Vidhyalaya and 27 students were shortlisted for the second round of interview. In the final round of interview 9 students were selected which was conducted on 1st March 2017.


1 B.Suvitha pallavi B.Sc  Zoology
2 M.Hoorulayeen B.Sc  Mathematics
3 A.Sangavi B.Sc  Mathematics
4 A.Divya Lakshmi B.Sc  Mathematics
5 K.Prabhavathi M.Sc Computer Science
6 B.Leelavahti B.C.A.
7 R.Joyce Madonna B.C.A
8 P.S.Suvithamol B.B.A
9 P.P.Diana Preetha Lincy B.Sc  Physics


Campus Interview-ISquare Technologies

17th February 2017

Mega Job Fair was conducted for the final year students. 287 Students attended campus interview conducted by the ISquare Technologies on 17-02-2017.  59 Students who got selected for the second level of interview are divided under the following domains namely HR Trainee and IT/ITES. On 28th February 2017, 22 students under HR Trainee domain and 37 students under IT/ITES domain attended the next level of interview.


S.No Name of the Student
1. R.Malavika
2. D.Gomathi
3. Flora Lincy Clement
4. A.Mariamma Angel
5. Jenifer Janet James Mathew
6. S.Bharathi
7. G.Jayshri
8. V.Sangeetha
9. G.Agilandeswari
10. L.Vidhya Nandhini
11. Angelawerence
12. T.Kesavarthini
13. M.Mytheli
14. M.Kalaiyarasi
15. V.Devika
16. M.Oviya
17. S.C.Soundharyaa
18. K.Nivetha
19. C.Nikitha
20. R.Maidini Priya
21. M.Nandhini
22. A.Gazala Begum
23. E.Sowmiya
24. P.Kotteswari
25. B.Immani Jacob
26. R.Jayashree
27. A.Kalaiyarasi
28. S.Harithaa
29. N.Sandhiya
30. F.Denishia
31. U.Dhanalakshmi
32. P.Jansi Rani
33. G.Renuga Devi
34. S.Dharthi
35. S.Hemavathy
36. A.Swathi
37. L.N.Keerthana
38. L.Shinny
39. J.Maithily
40. R.Joyce Madonna
41. J.Archana
42. N.Anu Keerthana
43. D.Lalsmi Priya
44. B.Leelavathi
45. S.Janani
46. A.Deepika
47. V.Gunavathy
48. M.Preethi
49. K.Hemalatha
50. E.Gayathri
51. D.Lidiya
52. N.Karthika
53. S.Priyanka
54. L.Indra Bai
55. S.Pushpalahta
56. R.Aarthi
57. V.Anitha
58. A.Malini
59. R.Revathi


Campus Interview-Vedavalli Vidyalaya

20th  February 2017

Around 55 students from various Department attended the interview conducted by Vedavalli Vidyalaya and 36 students were shortlisted for the second round of interview. The selected candidates who got selected, are asked to attend the final round of interview in Vedavalli Vidyalaya, Ranipet.


S.No Name of the student Department
1 Narmadha.R B.A English
2 Dhivya.R M.A., B.Ed English
3 Divya.R B.A English
4 Aavisha Passum.T B.A English
5 Janifer Janet.J B.A English
6 Saranya.R B.A English
7 Agilandeswari.G B.A English
8 Devi Priya.S B.A English
9 Allan Sharmila.S.V B.A English
10 Bharathi.S B.A English
11 Sangeetha.V B.A English
12 Divya.S B.A English
13 Gayathri.P B.A English
14 Ramlath.H B.A English
15 Vinitha.V B.A English
16 Vensy Silvia.N B.A English
17 Preethi.K B.A English
18 Yasmeen Shaziya.F B.A English
19 Bridget Sowmiya.D B.A English
20 Ramya Shree.T B.A English
21 Monisha.M B.Sc  Mathematics
22 Divyalakshmi.A B.Sc  Mathematics
23 Sangavi.A B.Sc  Mathematics
24 Mifra Tajroon B.Sc  Mathematics
25 Arul Jenifer Mary.X B.Sc  Mathematics
26 Roselin Angel.J B.Sc  Mathematics
27 Nagalakshmi.M B.A History
28 Poorni.A B.Sc  Zoology
29 Nivedha. V B.Sc  Zoology
30 Benazir.I M.Sc., B.E., Zoology
31 Narmadha.B B.Sc  Zoology
32 Shinny.L B.C.A
33 Ranjitha.V B.C.A
34 Dhanalakshmi.U B.C.A
35 Uma Devi.D MSW
36 Ramya.D MSW


Combined Campus Interview

24th  February 2017

Around 50 students from various departments attended the interview conducted by Nationstar Mortgage at VIT university and 2 students got selected.


1 Janani. S B.C.A
2 Lakshmi Priya.D B.C.A


Campus Interview-Skyy Reach

7th March 2017

The final year students from various departments attended the campus interview conducted by Skyy Reach  on 7th march 2017 . After group discussion and personal interview 9 students got selected.

S.No Name of the Student
1 K.Divya
2 R.Emima
3 K.Kalpana
4 E.Rebekaha
5 S.Ragavi
6 R.Nandhini
7 A.Faseeha Anjum
8 K.Priya Dharshini
9 Gayathri Devi