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          “Awareness on POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE”


Date: 03- 08-2018

Venue: Seminar hall (Admin Block)




The department of Commerce(Shift – II) , Small Savings Club  under the Head of Dr.Auxilia Antony, an awareness camp on Postal Life Insurance was organized for the staff members of our college on 03-08-2018. The meeting was held in the administrative block seminar hall.


Ms. Kanmani – Development officer, Vellore. Mr. Azhagu pandiyan – Field Officer, Vellore and Mr.Mani Post man, Vellore were invited to give an awareness on the benefits of  Postal Life Insurance. Pamphlets were also issued to the Staff members. In addition to this three days camp was also organized in the college from 03-08-2018 to 05-08-2018.