ASQC Report – Shift I

Staff in-charges: Dr. Mrs. J. Rosaline Ezhilarasi, Ms. M. Anita Madona

20/07/2017: Themembers of AuxiliumStudents’ Quality Cell (ASQC) were selected for the academic year 2017-2018.

21/07/17: The ASQC staff in-charges formulated the following plan of actions in consulting with other members of IQAC:

  • To organize a state level one day workshop to create general awareness among students on Gender Abuse.
  • To conduct a poster competition on importance of following traffic rules and Road Safety.
  • To maintain discipline of their respective classes during morning assemblies along with the class representatives.
  • ASQC members to take turns to stand at the entrance to see the late comers along with ranges and NSS volunteers.
  • To make sure that the class rooms are kept clean.
  • To instruct their classmates not to make any markings / scribbling on the tables.
  • To help in entering data in the college library as the part of digitalization.

23/07/17: The ASQC members were briefed about the plan of actions in the ASQC meeting that was held at 1.30 p.m.

12/09/2017: The ASQC meeting was held at 1.30 p.m. About 50 ASQC members attended the meeting.  The last month activities carried out by the ASQC members were evaluated. The ASQC members were also given an extra charge of looking into the cleanliness during break time.

19/09/2017: Thirty posters were presented in the poster competition which was organized on the topic “Importance of traffic rules and Road safety”. R. Sangeetha& P. Jaya Divya of II B.C.A won the first prize.PavithraMagadalene& J. PrincyPriyanka of III English ‘B’ won the second prize. V. R. Jayashree& D. Sasikala of II B. Com and P. Sornamugi& S. Suganya of III B.Sc., Chemistry won the third prize. Kavitha Williams & E. Jenisha Linnet of III B. Sc. Mathematics won the consolation prize. The prize winners were given medals and certificates during youth fest programme.

11/10/2017: The ASQC members of Mathematics department enacted a mime and created awareness among the students on Gender Abuse during common assembly.

23/11/2017:About 58 ASQC members attended the ASQC meeting that was held in front of the Science Block.  The members were motivated to carry on their activities with zeal and zest.

06/12/2017: The ASQC members of English ‘B’ presented a street play in front of the Arts block and created awareness on the topic “usury”.

08/12/2017: The ASQC members of Chemistry department enacted a skit and made the students to realize the struggles of their parents and understand their role in the family.

18/12/2017: The ASQC meeting was held at 1.30 p.m. in front of the Science Block. The ASQC members of the departments of English B and Chemistry were appreciated for their presentations. The members were motivated to carry out their activities to enhance students’ quality with regard to discipline, cleanliness and sense of belonging.

05/01/2018: The ASQC members of Commerce department performed a skit on child abuse during common assembly.

22/01/2018: The ASQC meeting was held to assess the activities of the ASQC members. The members were instructed to take some measures to make their classmates to converse only in English inside the campus so that the students will acquire good communicative skill in English.

08/02/2018: The ASQC members of History departmentenacted a mime during common assembly and created awareness on the adverse effects of Selfie Addiction.

27/03/2018: The activities of Auxilium Students’ Quality Cell during the academic year 2017-2018 were evaluated.