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Art workshop by The Department of Communication Media – Casa Fasso on 21.07.2018


The Department of Communication Media has inaugurated the Department Activities beginning with the Art workshop. IT is customary to conduct this Art Workshop in view of the First Year students as they have a practical paper – Drawing.

Each year the department conducts art workshop on different themes. The guest invited was Mr. Arun working as an Architect in Bangalore and a freelance Artist. He has won many awards and one such is the National award -“OviyaChudar” he has many painting and state awards to his credit. He is specialized in ‘Water color painting. To the students he explained about the various techniques of Watercolor painting and he exhibited his master piece of water color painting works. Students were excited and profited much from the practical session and learned new techniques and skills and basic inputs in the water coloring, and mixing colours. On the whole it was colorful and a useful session for the upcoming artists of the department.

Memento given to the guest

Pencil sketch


Use of  Water colour

Group photo with the guest