Auxilium College, an autonomous institution, follows the Semester pattern with Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) of evaluation, requiring 3 years of study for an Undergraduate Degree Programme and 2 years of study for a Postgraduate Degree Programme. The duration of a semester is 90 days of instruction.

The CBCS offers internal assessment, inter-departmental academic collaboration and course credits. It offers freedom to the departments to design the course structure, to frame rules pertaining to academic programmes and also to introduce new study programmes. It aims at making the academic programme student-oriented, interdisciplinary, flexible and relevant to the times. Under this system, the students will have ample freedom to select the electives to suit their interest, aptitude and needs.

A curriculum is a programme of studies and/or activities (curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular). Arising from the basic needs and moving on to individual, social and cultural needs, the curriculum attempts to fulfill the ideal needs also, such as moral, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual needs.

The student has abundant opportunities during the course of study to obtain additional credits by doing Optional Certificate Courses offered by different Departments of the College. This facility will strengthen the academic potential of the student, as it provides flexibility in the choice of courses offered beyond the framework of the respective discipline of study. The introduction of the CBCS ensures compatibility with the academic norms practiced in other educational institutions of repute in India and abroad.

The structure of undergraduate programmes provides a wide range of choice for students to opt for courses based on their eligibility, aptitude and career goals.

The entire UG programme is structured in five parts.

1Foundation Course in English

(a) Core Subjects

(b) Allied Subjects

(c) Project/ Electives

31. (a) Basic level course in Tamil or

(b) Advanced level course in Tamil or

(c) Non-Major Electives

2. Skill-Based Subjects

3. Environmental Studies

4. Value Education

4Extension Activities