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The Commerce Dept Association Inauguration on 11th August 2015

The Commerce Association (Shift – II) with its energetic and action –oriented sight was inaugurated on 11th August 2015. The Chief guests of the day are Mr. Ganesh Kumar and Mr. Sri Ram Vishwanath Indian Overseas Bank Manager, Assistant Manager, Auxilium College Branch, Vellore – 6.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar gave our students a motivational speech towards career planning and development programme which inspired the young youth with fill spirit and enthusiasm.

Mr. Sri Ram Vishwanath gave a wonderful speech on leadership qualities, traits and skills essential for our amazing students. We were really challenged to gain such skills in our future period.

To widen the knowledge on career opportunities and threats faced by the young youth, “A Career Development programme” was conducted to guide students on job opportunities in various MNC organizations. The session was headed by Mr. Saravanan, HR Manager, All Zone Solutions Pvt. Ltd on 18th September 2015. Mr. Saravanan delivered a lecture and create awareness towards career development among the energetic youth.

On the same day, the second session was continued by Ms. Lalith Priya, Asst. Prof. on behalf of Entrepreneurs Development club, she taught “Jewel Making” to our beautiful young girls. The girls were interested in learning Necklace sets and its preparation. Various types and models of Necklace sets were taught and made and were ready for sale. The income generated through the sale Rs. 2000/-.

To inculcate the saving habits among the growing generation, the small savings club continued its depository scheme with its full swing. Ms. Jeya Shree, MBKY, Agent gave a talk to first years regarding the benefits of small savings which is connected with postal Department of India..

Around 50 Students took part and became the members. There are 115 depositors comprising 105 students and 10 staff. The amount collected for every month is deposited in the recurring post office account. The student coordinator in Ms. Bharathi E. of III B.Com. The Staff coordinators are Ms. Auxilia Antony & Ms. Lalith Priya M.D.

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